Friday, August 15, 2014

obsessing over: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is not unfamiliar, but for some reason I chose to ignore him. It's not until recently, perhaps with my own change of character, that I've developed a lot of respect for him as a designer and as a person. 

Alexander Wang first appeared in Vogue in 2005. Launched his first womenswear collection in 2007 and was appointed the creative director of Balenciaga in 2012, all before the age of 30. 

In 2007, he had won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. Voguepedia quoted Wang“Four years ago I was reading about this award in my dorm room." How is it possible to create a career such as his in 4 years? A true rarity and serves as inspiration to me. I often find myself thinking, will I never be good enough for this world? Will I ever find a job that fulfills my desires? The truth is, I am so afraid. I am afraid of hating my job, of failing at my job today or tomorrow, and of course, failing to make my parents proud. But looking at people like Alexander Wang who have unparalleled success is a breath of fresh air. And a bit of hope.

Only a daily basis I get multiple emails from young women asking how to enter into the fashion world. It makes me chuckle because honestly, I don't know! I am still figuring it out. The past 2 years have taught me more than I expected. It's been a few years of learning things that I didn't know I didn't know. 

The mind is a tricky bitch. When the mind calculates that the loss is greater than the reward in any situation it often retracts it's main idea and prevents you from achieving something. I'm no doctor, I read this thesis from a few articles on google but I will not disagree. When the stakes are high and the loss is great, personally, it's hard to be creative. I find that I get the best results when I am just doing it for myself and without expectations. 

I was not anticipating to ramble for quite so long, but who else will I spill my defeated thoughts to? That was the initial purpose of society grl. It's cathartic. 

Ultimately, here are my favorite fall and summer looks from Alexander Wang. They remind me of the phrase Daisy Buchanan had said to Gatsby, "you always look so cool." He creates effortless chic with a play on volume and lines. It's the vibe of this chic, model off-duty look that just oozes relaxed, messy, and put together all in one. It's edgy but simple. Modern but elegant. Everything I want to be. 

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