Tuesday, August 5, 2014

London State of Mind

I used to despise the month of September. I dreaded it.. The cold, the start of school, boots. I hated all

of it. I always wished to wear summer dresses and beach waves all year long. Yet, in some weird, twisted way September has now become my most anticipated and thrilling month of the year. Fashion week just might have something to do with it. :) 

This year I am planning to spend 7 days in NYC (at the Empire!!!) followed by 6 or 7 days in London. Am I DREAMING? I am literally so ecstatic to travel, wear beautiful designer clothing (hint: Lady Dior) and to sightsee!!! I've never been to the UK! So, while prepping for NYC and London, I can't help but have two different, yet similar, wardrobes for each city.

The feeling I get from NYC directly correlates with the outfits I want to wear at NYC Fashion Week. New York City is confidence. It's color. Vibrant energy. Youthful, fun, and never-ending, but in London I want to take a classic approach. 

From the research I've done - black is the new black. Louboutin's are never a bad idea and long skirts and big glamorous dresses are all fair game. It's as though in London it's a much more classical, expensive environment that is bloody exciting. See what I did there? So as far as my FW outfits go.. that's a secret :) but I did make a shopping list for my everyday London wardrobe! 

If you're from London, let me know what you think and if I'm wrong>:)