Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Key Car Essentials

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Wether it's my backseat or my trunk (or both), I always have to have my car essentials to be able to survive. Who knows when I'll need a swimsuit for a sunbath or a nice party dress or to change from my high heels into flats? Not to mention, having a few blankets for an outdoor movie night or a spare outfit in case I spill something on myself.


1. Sweater. I am literally always cold. I tend to leave the house with a simple tee in the summer but I'm always thankful for my sweater at the end of the night when it gets chilly. 

2. Swimsuit. KEY essential during the summer. 

3. A pair of high heels & flats. I never know where I'll end up. Having a few pairs of shoes in my trunk is pretty much a regular thing for me. I always end up switching my shoes midday. 

4. A dress. During a normal day I always dress a bit more casual. Having a dress in the back has saved me more times than I can name.

I also keep a few blankets, towels, a tote, and anything else that is left over from photo shoots. 

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