Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day After Binge Cure

There are a few things in this world I hate as much as the day after a food binge. Although, sometimes you just need to shove 20 cookies in your mouth while bawling your eyes out. p.s. Subscribe here!!

Last weekend when I found out the sad news about London, I ate, and I am not dramatizing - 10 chocolate chip cookies, Chicken Alfredo (haven't had it in 2 years), 3 pieces of pizza, and a portion of pad thai fit for a family of 3. 

Binge eating is my thing. I love food so damn much. I don't need drugs, I need food. Although, as much as I love food I know that if I want to continue doing what I do, I NEED to watch what I eat because a.) weight gain and 2.) bad skin. It's crazy how much food impacts my skin. I am seriously still recovering from all my breakouts from last Saturday. Carbs and sugar are hell for the skin. 

As much as you might hate yourself after a day of binge eating, it's stupid to do that to yourself! You did it but you need to move on. It's not the end of the world. There's no point dwelling in the past. Which is why I've created the "Day After Binge" cure

I drink plenty of water before I go to bed and the next day. Yes, it'll make you more bloated but it will help your body remove toxins faster.

Gym it:
I don't go to the gym often, but I do when I binge. I usually go on an empty stomach early in the morning to push my metabolism into full gear.

Don't be angry with yourself. Yes, your body won't be as fit as it usually is but your body is flexible. In a day or two you will bounce back to normal! 

Stick to greens: 
Veggies are easier for your stomach to process. With the body trying to process the food from the day before, I like to be nice to it by eating salads and/or steamed vegetables. Love a good green juice, too. I also steer away from steak and dairy.

Eat 3 times a day:  This should be done on any normal day but I know it's hard to eat normally after overeating. You will still feel very full the next day but it's important to keep your metabolism running. By skipping meals it puts your body into starvation mode. 

Load your tummy with probiotics. Probiotics help better your metabolism and place good bacteria in your tummy. I take pills from Whole Foods or drink like 3 green kombuchas. 

A facial or spa appointment is totally necessary:
 I like to deep clean my skin so that I can prevent most of the breakouts. I literally see a zit or two after eating chocolate or fatty foods. It's hard being me. 

The vow: 
Binge eating doesn't do anyone any good. Every time I do it I vow that I won't make it a habit. I promise myself that the next weeks/months are meant for clean eating. They say that eating one good meal doesn't make you lose weight and eating one bad meal doesn't make you gain weight. It's all about moderation. If you have a binge once in a blue moon, who cares? Enjoy your ice cream or chicken alfredo and return your healthy lifestyle the next day :)

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