Monday, July 28, 2014

Holy Trinity of Hate

My whole life I've always been a "people" person, or at least I thought I was. Talking to people and connecting with them comes easy to me, and I didn't realize it was a trait that not everyone

possessed until a few years ago. I am not afraid to walk up to a stranger and ask them a random question. Even though I might look like an idiot, you never know what can come out of it. Most people expect someone who blogs and uses social media 24/7 to be a quiet, socially deprived person, but that could not be more far from the truth. 

Sure making new acquaintances is easy and even encouraged in networking, but being my age I feel like making new, genuine girl-friends is almost impossible. Being well-dressed, (somewhat) powerful, and intimidating makes it hard to make any girlfriends. I call it the "holy trinity of hate" - that actually makes more enemies than friends. 

I encounter it weekly. I always meet girls who give me the cold shoulder and/or mean mugs right off the bat. They hardly introduce themselves and it makes me believe that truly all girls hate me. Granted, I should be approaching them, but still no one wants to talk to someone who gives off the "hate" vibe. The worst is when they only talk to my boyfriend and ignore me completely. HELLO, I'm a living human being!

So, was the great philosopher Drake right when he released his hit single No New Friends? Do we hit a time in our life when making new friends becomes a difficult task? It was so simple on the playground in grade school but when you're making something of yourself and actually getting places in life (like Drake), could you be just friends with someone without wondering if they are using you for their agenda or worse, trying to get your secrets out of you for blackmail? I know, I'm totally paranoid but it could totally happen. 

I would have agreed with this a few weeks ago until one girl just introduced herself to me during camp. She was sweet, genuine, and has totally chic fashion sense. So, clearly we hit it off. Maybe the secret to making friends is just actually being friendly!? To put aside the attitude, jealousy, and other hidden agendas and just enjoy other people's company? I'm the type of girl who gets along with males better than females but it made me realize that a lot of girls are same. Instead of playing against each other we need to be on the same team and stick together. 

I understand that what I have written in this "novel" might not be the case for everyone, but I have always struggled with finding people that get me. It's hard, especially now, when I do what plenty of other girls only dream of. 

Do you think making friends is harder at our age or am I just psycho? Comment below or email me at :)