Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Do's and Don'ts of Summer

Ahh, the most magical time of the year. 

Summer can be the happiest time of the year, contrary to the popular belief that Christmas is, I believe that during the holidays it's impossible to be happy if you're cooped up with your family for months. DRAMA IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. So, dear reader, enjoy your cute little life during the summer without these faux pas. 

DO: Enjoy a cold glass of wine or iced green tea. Perhaps a green juice? 
DON'T: Get wasted, drunk, wild, gone, or whatever term they are using now. A lady does not drink to get drunk. Plus, who likes that drunk girl who makes out with everything that moves? Exactly.

DO: Get a bronze tan on vacation or with a spray tan!
DON'T: Go fake tanning. It's been called the new cigarette and is pretty much as deadly as arsenic. 

DO: Find a summer fling. Cute dates and walks along the Boardwalk are on the bucket list of every girl. Why not find a hottie with a body to occupy your time and rub sunscreen on your back?

DON'T: Hop from one guy to next. We don't want to confirm Chris Brown's motto, these hoes aint loyal, and you don't want to end up with STD'S at the end of the summer. The higher your number is, is not always better. 

DO: Find a summer job. It's nice to keep yourself occupied and make some extra cash for new Prada's. You never know what fun changing your atmosphere might bring. 

DON'T: Lay in bed all summer watching Netflix. This is painful to write because I am so clearly guilty of this. IT'S A BLACK HOLE.

DO: Take care of your skin. Sun is the number one cause of wrinkles. Drink plenty of water, use eye serums, sunscreen, and wear sunglasses while in the sun. Squinting is the enemy. OH, & let's not forget acne. During the summer your skin is prone to producing more oil so a great scrub or facial once or twice a week is a must

DON'T: Fall asleep with your makeup on. I heard it even ages you, plus your skin will pay in the next few days with whiteheads. Also, don't dehydrate yourself. While being over-caffenated is one of my favorite things, it's crucial not to over do it in the summer without drinking plenty of water. Coffee raises your stress levels and causes breakouts to appear. 

DO: Love yourself. It's easy to be scared to wear a bikini or a cute dress because of other people's opinions, but it's okay. Embrace your body. Go out there and wear your bikini like you're the hottest thing out there. Confidence radiates much more than fear. A year from now you'll regret not enjoying simple moments in the sun or jumping in the ocean with your friends.

DON'T: Don't starve yourself. Bikini season is a big trigger for eating disorders because well, we all know. Bikini's are terrifying and even I sometimes hate them. Being aware of the type of food you're eating, eating healthier food, and eating a couple times a day is much better than skipping meals. Green is the way to go!