Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tracking Time

If you're into tracking your food intake and workout activity, you'll love this.
Thanks to the many perks of this job, I was gifted the UP24 band by Jawbone. I usually tend to stay away from product reviews, but this was one I couldn't resist! This band tracks your sleep, activity, & food intake. I'm not one to track my food patterns( nobody got time for that), but I really enjoy the simplicity of the UP24 band. You just put it on your wrist, download the app, and it does the work for ya!

I was especially curious at tracking my sleep during the night. I have major sleeping issues so this was a fun test! On an average night a person of my age is supposed to get 7.4 hours of sleep. Apparently I was only getting 3 hours of deep sleep and 4 hours of light sleep. I also found out that my body burns around about 1900 "resting" calories per day without working out. The band also sends alerts on when to eat or drink water, or alerts to go to the gym. 

Oh, and it comes in the color pink. :)