Friday, June 27, 2014

Not So Designer Bags

My only savior when it comes to not so designer bags under my eyes. 

I'm in my early 20's so I don't need intense under eye creams. My mother suggested I start using this Clinique all about eyes serum to help prevent and maintain my current under eye wrinkles. *Crying*

This is something I have recently discovered right as my birthday passed. I realized I need to take preventative measures with wrinkles, especially under my eyes. Previously, I never gave it much thought because, well, who does in their teens?? Although, the actual reality hit me like a wrecking ball with college all nighters, trouble sleeping, and endless TV show episodes. 

Application: Every night after showering and washing off my makeup, I dab a little serum under my eyes and go to bed! I do it religiously every night. I do not apply during the day. 

The serum: I do not apply anything to my face besides this serum. My skin produces lots of oil and I am instructed by my dermatologist to stay away from moisturizes. However, this serum is light and doesn't feel oily so I have not had any breakout issues with it! This product does not work "over night", so long-term commitment is the key. 

Results: Within a few weeks I saw improvement on the darkness of my under eye circles, less strong lines, and less puffiness. Totally love it! 

Grab it: You can get it at SephoraNordstromBloomingdales, & Saks

Let me know if you try it, I would love to know!