Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ask SG: Lower Belly Fat?

Hi Society Grl,
I would love to know all your dietary secrets. I am struggling with how to get the body I want. The problem is my stomach, I have bad lower belly fat. I am constantly faced with the problem of how to get rid of this major insecurity.

A very good friend of mine is so tiny that I can't help but feel bad about myself when I am around her. I want to feel comfortable in my body and not always worrying about if I look fat or not.
I've seen the Skinny Saturday photos of your journey. I am so amazed at how amazing you look! You have come very far. I also noticed that it looks like you've struggled with the lower belly fat in the past as well. I have tried a lot of methods but may not have stuck with them long enough? Whatever the problem may be, you've defeated it and I would love to inquire you about what your exercise plan is, along with your nutrition. You look incredible! How'd you do it?

E :)

Dear E, 

Lower belly fat has haunted me since my adolescent years. It's truly the enemy of tank tops and tucked in oversized shirts. I realized that some people are blessed with either amazing flat tummies, or like me, are cursed with a pouch. The lower belly fat is one of the first places where my body stores fat, so because of that it will be the last place that loses fat. 

If you read my Skinny Saturday post, I'm sure you are aware that it was a process I went through for several years. I noticed that when I wanted to lose the pouch, I did a lot of hip flexor exercises and ab workouts, but because I still had fat above my growing abs, it caused me to look even bigger. So, the story here is that you cannot just target this lower belly fat, but have to shed weight in general for the pouch to decrease. So cliche but eating right, regular exercise, and portion control are the answer. I know, annoying right?

However, I still struggle with the lower belly fat to this day. It will forever be my problem area. When I bloat it typically impacts the lower belly the most, so I always have to watch what I eat/drink. As I've mentioned before, I eat 4 times a day, try to stay away from "bad" carbs and processed foods, sugar, and overall everything that has been processed, deep fried, and of course, alcohol. 

For me, getting rid of lower belly fat was probably one of the hardest things I've done! This type of stomach "runs" in my family and even my own mother told me that I would never have a flat stomach! While, we can't all look like Alessandra Ambrosio.. getting to your personal best is definitely a process versus a one-stop solution, so hold on tight and you'll see results if you commit to a lifestyle change. :) 

P.S. Comparison is the thief of joy. xo

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