Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You're So New York

While spending my weekend in New York City, I dedicated it to actually exploring the city and the "humans of new york." The past few times I have visited, I was in out and out of cabs, my hotel, and Lincoln Center. I never even tried a real New York hotdog!! It was my mission to see the actual lived-in places, not only the tourist sites, that make up the grand city. 

One reoccurring themed flashed before me: 

The people were assertive, confident, and cool. A girl could have walked down in a garbage bag but the way she carried herself you would have thought she was wearing Chanel couture. But, why? Why was the city full of these badass people? Is it because New York makes you hard? Is it because they eventually grow a thick skin to all the horrors of life and choose to accept it? Is it because being a New Yorker adds some cool, don't care badge that you automatically embrace?

I guess that's my question. I spent a lot of time people watching on subways (YES, I even took the subway) and I just couldn't put a finger on it. Everyone is a distinct individual and completely embraces it. I guess it really hit home with what I have been battling lately, and I just couldn't ignore the energy and vibrance of NYC. 

I'm probably overreacting, as always, but I absolutely adored being around such diverse people from every background, race, style, and career. It's like social class does not matter. You can walk into a Shake Shack burger joint and find the elites mixed in with the homeless. Chanel and worn down sneakers all in the same room.  

The lesson here is: move to New York City and face your inner-issues, or the city will make you face them for you.

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