Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When Can You Wear a White Dress?

The color white and I never got along. Ever since I was a child, my mother would forbid me to wear or even purchase white tops, jeans, and/or shoes. Why? Why did my mother oppress me from such key pieces in my closet?

One word. CLUTZ. I literally spill, drop, bump, and break everything. Especially when I'm wearing white. It's like, just because I'm wearing white something horrible is going to happen to me that day. However, fortunately, I've grown into a woman that now can "handle" her white. Call it aging or maybe my realization of how precious my wardrobe is, I now can (sometimes) be spill free from my coffee!

Hence, with that unnecessary rant, I want to point my second collaboration with Erin Fetherston! If you missed my 1st collab post after Easter, you are lucky enough to be blessed with another gorgeous, white dress that screams chic. 

When looking at such dear dresses while shopping, sometimes I ask myself where am I even going to wear this? It's clear this dress is a bit more fancy than you need for your beer pong tournament at your friends, but, a beautiful white dress is a spring/summer essential. Always. So, where can you wear this white Emma dress? The list is endless but limited. 

1. Any national holiday is always a go. 2. Brunch at the golf course! 3. Meeting your significant other's family 4. Date night with your partner at the restaurant you've been dying to go to 5. On vacation 6. Girls night with girls you want to impress since you haven't seen them in 3 years 7. Shopping for your new splurge 8. Graduation/Grad Party 

9. And if you're really brave, you can wear white to a wedding. 


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