Friday, May 23, 2014

What to Wear to Kimye's Wedding??

The not-so-royal wedding is once again upon us. Maybe 3d time's the charm? But like any other celebrity marriage, should we take bets? Or perhaps Kim K finally found love? Regardless, I couldn't care less about her love life since it is after all, her life. Although, I'm happy for her! This also gave me a great opportunity to lust over gowns that could buy a car. 

Side note: I heard my mother chatting with her girlfriends about how plenty of celebs actually declined invites from the hated couple. It could be a rumor, but I wouldn't put it past some A-listers. Anyway, I must confess that I do stalk her and her younger sisters from time to time (not like a psycho), so I am curious how this wedding "of the century" is going to make every woman cry. 

Since I clearly could not decide on what gown to wear, I'm going to pull a "Lady Gaga" and appear in 3 different gowns. First impressions last, so I want to make a statement. I've selected Victoria Beckham's silk gown as the first look. Hot pink is never a bad idea. I'm actually really impressed with her designs lately! 

Right after the ceremony, I'm planning on getting whisked away to change into my second look - the embellished tulle gown by the one and only, Oscar de la Renta. The black and white abstract embroidery is a perfect eye catching piece that will glisten in the light. I'm totally obsessing over the monochrome look this season.

And finally, for my last ensemble, I'm thinking 3/4 through the wedding - the jaw dropping Alexander McQueen crepe gown. Literally, I could die in this dress and be happy. The long sleeve has been my signature for quite some time, but the crystal embellishments are a different level of beauty. I'm speechless. With simple elegance, it's a perfect way to end the night. 

A grl can dream right? ;)

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