Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tips on the Track Pant Trend

Track pants are my greatest discovery lately. It is rare when fashion and comfort practically combine, so whenever such a trend passes by, I'm always an advocate. These Chelsea 28 track pants are perfect for casual chic, but easily transform for a beach day with the girls. I was actually checking the links on Nordstrom, and they even paired the two the same way I did! LOL!

I also paired with a Chelsea 28 oversized top, actually on sale for $25 now here, which I didn't realize was the same brand! Have become a fan of this brand lately. I love clothing lines that are great for certain trendy pieces that you know you'll only wear a few times and don't care about splurging on. 

On another note, I have some awesome projects coming up next week :)))) You can keep up with me on my Instagram @societygrl

Tips on the Track Pant Trend
1. Depending on how loose you want the pant to feel, you can either go up or down a size since the band is usually elastic. 

2. Try prints and patterns for a fun touch to your personal style.

3. Pair with a sexy top, smokey eye, and high heels & you've got a chic "night out" outfit. 

4. These pants can be styled for the sporty-ready to wear look or even a sophisticated look. You can play around with different length tops and jackets to create a silhouette you're most comfortable with for your body type. 

5. If you're less likely to take risks, pair the pants with your favorite gym shoes and jacket.