Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oh, to be Lily Bass

In honor of Mother's Day I wanted to do a tribute to one of the chicest, wealthiest, and faux Mother's of all time. Lily Bass. If I could choose to be any kind of mother in the future (if I even want to be one) I wouldn't hate being Lily Bass. 

I was never the type to "like" kids ever since I was a kid, but

my mother (Happy Mother's Day to her!!!) insisted that I would grow out of it. Well, now I'm 20 years old and I still don't even want to walk past the baby department at Nordstrom. Do the baby clothes fit my cat? I mean, if I could have a kid that acts like my cat, I would totally do it. 

But let's take a look at Lily Bass, she's uber chic, marries plenty of rich men, struts around the her Upper East Side apartment with designer clothing and bleeds diamonds. On top of that, she's one hell of a clever woman. I don't recall, but I'm sure she does charity work, correct? Besides her poor choice in men (which I can resinate with) she is the epitome of a woman who I would eventually not hate ending up as. I already have my first and second wedding ideas ready.  

Another thing, her design of her apartment if neural, simple, and sophisticated - much like her personal style. I mean, I wouldn't hate walking around with an Hermes handbag 24/7. I'm really trying to aim for the "stylish, girlfriend" type of mom vibe. 

But let's not forget the most important side of Lily Bass, her charming, sweet nature and the loving, yet restricted, attitude towards her kids. I honestly feel like that's going to be me.. "Hey mom, I'm going to boarding school" "Okay, do you need a ride?"

So all in all, I'm probably going to be a terrible mother, besides the fact that I will look totally hot with my stroller in Whole Foods (because isn't that what life's about?) LOL totally kidding. Or am I? I guess Mother's Day is just something I'm not looking forward to celebrating for a few decades. Sorry Mom. 

Speaking of my mom, here is the women in all her glory! First time on my blog! She raised me to be the chic, wonderful, and kind of insane woman I am today! She still pretty much dictates most of my life, in a good way, from my clothing choices, my photo shoots, and even sometimes takes my photos! She's a fab interior designer so kind of I trust her. She just has an eye for these things! Perhaps it runs in the family? I also wouldn't mind being half the women she is :) 
Plus, she has like no wrinkles and looks like my sister so I'm looking forward to those genes kicking in. 

P.S. if you can't take sarcasm, don't read my blog. 

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