Saturday, May 17, 2014

Newest Addition to the SG Team --- Assistant Editor!

The little blog that I started by accident last summer, has slowly but surely been gaining momentum. As of today, I employ a Marketing Manager, a photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist (for bigger projects), and a PR gal. As of this weekend, I have added crucial addition to my blog! Monique Sedlar, my new assistant editor.  

I'm the most oblivious person. They call me Captain Oblivious LOL. I don't pay attention to detail and don't really care to. I don't even notice people I know around me! I'm slowly working on it, but I'm SO thankful that Monique reached out to me for this position. I needed this! It's going to help this blog reach new heights. In time, I'm sure she will be my PR Director :) 

Monique goes to a private school in Chicago but is currently residing in Minnesota for summer break. She has been a follower of SG for over a year now (these grls are loyal!!). I Skyped with her and she literally looks like my real life best friend! I think it's an omen. She loves fashion and writing, has fab style and eyebrows so we just clicked. I'm so lucky to have her be a part of my team! Watch out world. 

It's truly insane to watch everything grow. Hard work does pay off.

***Live in Seattle? Want to intern and attend Fashion Week? Email me at 

You can keep up with Monique on Instagram @monique_sedlar & on Twitter @moniquesedlar