Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kate Moss x Topshop in NYC

First outfit post from my trip to NYC last weekend! I wore this jumper the night before for our little Sangria night that my girlfriend, G, had at her place on the Upper West Side. I forced my mother to get me this jumper the day before I left to NYC while I was in school because I was NOT going without a piece from the Kate Moss x Topshop collection. 

The Kate Moss x Topshop jumper is a perfect fit, and I love that it makes my legs looks miles long. The sheer top and back is sexy enough for a night out, but a cute blazer totally transforms the look from day-to-night. I typically would not wear a bra with such a piece because the beauty of the lace is lost if there is an ugly bra sticking out in the back.. #nobrarevolution. 

Chanel Flats
Chanel Handbag

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