Friday, May 16, 2014

Healthy* Saturday

Health. It's so overrated now a days. Everyone is falling to trends like "gluten free" and kale but they don't necessarily understand them. That's why I want to change "Skinny Saturdays" to Healthy Saturdays.

Skinny doesn't always necessarily mean healthy. It's crucial for me to share health and wellness tips for healthy living because I am healthy! I love being able to enjoy whatever food I want, but at the same time know my limits. I know when I can enjoy myself and when I can cut back. When I can have a huge burger with fries but that I shouldn't add 5 tables spoons of sugar in my coffee.

So, today's healthy tip: EAT. Eat a lot. I, personally, eat more than anyone I know. I think I eat as much as a teenage boy. Ever since my diet and lifestyle change last year, I eat 4-5 times a day. There it is. I eat and you should too. My nutritionist advised to eat at 9am, 12pm, 3pm (snack), and 6pm. Easy right? That's all it takes to jump-start your metabolism after a few months. Your body needs food and it needs to function. Trust me, starving yourself may be "working" but it destroys not only your body, but also your soul. 

BUT. Don't fool your cute self into eating pizza and fries 5 times a day. These meals have to be crucial for your body nutrition. Veggies, proteins, coffee (lol), vitamins, etc. 
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I'm off to my second visit at the spa - I live for reflexology massages.