Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chanel Cruise15 Goes James Bond

It was painful to write this blog. First, I was forced to look at the heavenly location of where the show was set, the collection, and on top of all of that, the extremely coveted new handbags. Who in their right mind wouldn't have wanted to be at that show??! After crying for a good 3 minutes and grabbing some coffee, I was finally ready. 

Chanel in Dubai. Genius

It really took a page out of James Bond's playbook. The mystery, enchantment, the super elite and their wealth all came together for an unforgettable night and a loud "SOS" cry from Chanel's competition. All that was missing was James Bond himself, a fitted  suit & a cocktail. After seeing the collection, I realized why I want to be in the fashion industry (I think). The guest list included VIP celebs, princes and princesses (why I think I fit in), and exclusive press. 

First of all, I am glad that I actually know where Dubai is located thanks to my map test (4.0 thank you) in my Politics of the Middle East class at my university that I'm taking this quarter. It's actually shocking that most American's don't know much about the Middle East! Second, it was held off-shore on a mere island which guests had to be transported to. 

The collection, as always, held heavy tweed and matching sets with a black and white palette. A new color (if you don't understand that I'm making a sarcastic remark, don't read my blog), floral, was introduced - the innovation in this collection of the lace and floral prints is beautiful. There was also heavy metallic accents of gold and black. COLOR TREND! So, the idiots that made fun of me for wearing floral in the spring, because it's so "original", can you shave their backs now because CHANEL. 

What I love about Chanel, and Karl - both go hand-in-hand right? It's like, you can't think of one without the other. Is that whenever he goes for a trend, he innovates it in an abstract and 3 dimensional way that makes you want to just steal the clothes off the model to go live in them. 

The maxi skirts and dresses are never a shocker in cruise/summer collections, but I'm still curious about what Karl is trying to do with the pants under skirts trend. We shall see how that pans out in the next few years, who knows, I may even succumb to the trend. Shamelessly, going to plug that I totally did that in elementary school with jeans and skirts because I thought I was cool. Oh, little me..

It's like, Chanel can do no wrong. The conception of the clothes and creative ideas that are put forward literally inspire. 

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Images courtesy of Chanel and Vogue