Thursday, May 29, 2014

13 Signs You Are a Cat Lady

Growing up, my mother forbid me from having animals in the house. It was too much of mess and I apparently  “couldn’t handle having a pet”… whatever that meant. However,

on one rainy eve, I brought home a white fluff ball that could make a serial killer’s heart melt. This fluff ball was dubbed Victoria, the kitty. After a few days of a small household civil war, the verdict was made! I was going to keep her.

Fast forward 9 months, this little kitty is a full-on spoiled brat with a diva attitude to match. Not only is she cute as f***, but she has filled my icy heart full of tingly, loving feelings. Not to mention, she has become my parent’s favorite child. God forbid she eats on the floor, is left alone for more than a few hours, or has her sleeping pillows misplaced. Even though Victoria is a total diva (they say she resembles her mother), I am totally and utterly obsessed with her. Some argue it’s a bit excessive, to the point of being a “Cat Lady,” and you know what? I have no shame.
13 signs you may or may not be a Cat Lady… 

1.     You have more pictures of your cat on your phone than you do of your selfies.

2.     You can watch your cat sleep for 20 minutes without getting bored.

3.     You meow at your cat hoping she actually understands you.

4.     You are constantly haunted of thoughts of being a cat lady with 27 cats when you’re older (because it could totally happen).

5.     You send mass texts with pictures of your cat and sometimes hold actual conversations with cat pictures.

6.     You meow at random times and at random people.

7.     You are constantly haunted with urges to get another kitty.

8.     While your friends are shopping for their baby in the baby department at Nordstrom, you shop for your cat.

9. Your friends refer to you as a Cat Lady (how rude).

10. Your Instagram is full of cat pictures.

11. Your cat HAS an Instagram with more followers than the average person.

12.  You like your cat more than 99% of people.

13. You talk to your cat like she actually understands you and sometimes (all the time) share your deepest, darkest secrets with her.

If you can relate to all or a few, don’t worry, you are not alone. ;)