Friday, April 25, 2014

weekend getaway in 1 carry-on

There is a big difference between packing for fashion week, a 10 day vacation, & an 
overnight work trip. I am currently on a flight heading to Newport Beach for some work and some play! Mother had work down there so I decided to do some of my own. BUT WHAT TO PACK? The eternal question. I usually get overwhelmed because going to a sunny climate makes me want to grab every single thing I've bought for the summer time. It's just 42 hours but sometimes a huge suitcase is mandatory. But who needs the hassle of extra packing, unpacking, and checking in?

7 steps to fit your whole life in 1 carry-on. 
Think less is more. Grab your favorite trendy pieces for the season. I am one that believes you can be anyone you want when you go on vaca. A flower child, a boho-princess, you name it. So, with that being said - 

1. Try to grab a similar "genre" of clothing that you can mix and match easily. 
2. Grab a few key pieces that can be paired with everything. Jeans, monotone jacket, an everyday go-to bag. 
3. Don't get new shoes - chances are you will be exploring the location and don't make the mistake of grabbing new shoes and ending up with 10 blisters after your trip. 
4. A scarf - you never know when you'll get chilly or when you need to use it as a blanket on an airplane. 
5. Grab your big purse to fit all your necessities on the plane, I use my Louis Vuitton GM Neverful, PERFECT bag for traveling. 
6. A "casual" dress for a special occasion. Even if you don't plan to going out you never know know what hottie you'll run into that will take you out some swanky lounge downtown. 
7. Grab 2 pairs of shoes. Flats + heels (for the occasion in #6)

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