Saturday, April 5, 2014

Skinny Saturday// Why me?

So, Skinny Saturday eh? You might be thinking, why is this girl, who clearly has no license in anything, to be spreading around diet & exercise secrets? I guess you are right, I am not a licensed professional and all of my opinions are only my experience and what has worked/works for my body type.

Here is a little validity of my personal "success." Looking at photos some might assume I was always "thin" but no, I have worked tremendously hard to be where I am today. Here is  my journey.. I have never shared so much, but I think it's crucial to share my past so I can treasure my present. 

Nov 2010
March 2012

Summer 2012
Winter/Spring 2013
Spring 2013
Summer 2013
* * *
But lets be clear here, I am doing this to be able to help (not harm in any way) others. I know that I have struggled with an eating disorder and have made it quite clear, but what an eating disorder does is mental and it reflects physically. However, last year, during the time when I lost most of my weight I was seeing a nutritionist who taught me how to eat and what type of food I should be feeding my body. This knowledge I will dispense through these posts.   

Beginning January 2013, I ate 4 times a day, I ate plenty of veggies and proteins and not once did I starve myself. I ate so much that my friends and family were amazed at how I was still loosing weight. My friends even told me that by the amount that I ate I should be 200lbs. Yet, eating is all about what you eat, not how much you eat. This is only when I noticed that losing weight comes from eating, not starving. 

So here I am, posting my personal diet and exercise regime (in the future) because I've gotten hundreds of emails in regards to this topic. I must warn that all of my advice must be taken into consideration and if it suits your lifestyle/age/bodytype. I am 5'11, a little big boned and come from a family with "fat" genes, so I will always be prone to gaining weight.  

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