Monday, April 21, 2014

Mani Party Pop-Up with Jessica Simpson

My girl Jessica (we refer to her by first name now) had sent over some fab products for my best friends and me to try out! It was her Fancy Girl perfume and 3 nail colors gift set, along with a gift certificate for a fun party mani-pop up for the 3 of us! Literally, so fab! The Fancy Girl perfume has a sweet essence with a hint of fruity & floral, which my best friend Alina totally loved. 

For the mani's - I chose the metallic gold with a coat of gold sparkles on the top. The accent nail was a polish from the salon :) My best friends, Alina & Tanya, both did different versions of the 3 nail colors. Thank you, Jessica, we had a Fancy time! 

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