Wednesday, April 23, 2014

luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury - Coco

These shoes are perfect for comfort and chic - My adornment of them had begun a couple months ago, but I had tried to resist every time I walked past their glare at Nordstrom. I was always the type for beautiful designer heels, but something in me just couldn't grab the Chanel ballerinas. However, this torment of want vs. need was lost a few days ago with my first pair of Chanel classic ballerina flats finally sitting my shoe closet.

Since Audrey Hepburn wore the Chanel ballerina flat in 1957, clearly, the classic ballerina flat never goes out of style. I considered that as an omen that I need to invest in these shoes. After all, shoes are our first impression on others, besides a proper mani and eyebrows. I am planning to grab these to NYC in September & hopefully London:) 

That day my designer shoe collecting grew by 1, and with it my love for shoes. These two-toned patent ballerinas are a modern take on the classic nude/black flat. I must confess that I am TERRIBLE at wearing shoes, and even more so, light/suede shoes for  more than a few months. I also have to rub, ding, or spill something on my shoes and have to throw them out the next day. 

The solution? Patent shoes. These shoes have 9 lives. The heels I own have lasted in Vegas, LA, and my ditzy self. 

So, Chanel, you have won me over again. 

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