Saturday, April 26, 2014

What is confidence?

Everyone of us believes that we are special. That our existence on Earth is unique and that our purpose is different from everyone else's  But lets be honest, when you step out into a crowd of beautiful women who are size 0, tan, and have designer clothing, what sense of confidence do we have? There are those that truly do have the confidence to be able to rock the crowd and attract major attention, and there are those of us that "fake it till we make it."

What is confidence? ...
When we look at iconic supermodel Kate Moss in her younger years, she is not the most gorgeous woman in the world, but something about her screams beauty...It's her stare, her mysterious and capturing look in her eyes that gives her beauty. It's her confidence. It's the way she carries herself. Most people that have spoke to Kate have voiced that she entices you when she speaks with her mannerisms  So, is it her thigh gap, her small stomach, or her capturing personality and confidence that make her memorable?
Of course, her confidence.

A lot of people assume that working this type of job, I must be full of confidence.. and even sometimes cockiness, because I constantly post photos of myself. 

Truly, anyone that really knows me,  knows that as much as I try to change and to create a better self, I'm always stuck on lack of self-confidence. I know I'm underweight, I know that people call me beautiful, I know that I am privileged in life, and most of all, I know that I have opportunities that most women don't, BUT nevertheless, I have insecurities. People that know me, know that I can't get rid of them. I honestly don't even know how to get rid of them myself. 

So this post is a voucher to myself, that from now on, I want to channel my inner-Kate, because be it my big nose, my untoned stomach, or my sometimes fat arms, I want to be able to own the body and the image I represent. I can't change who I am. I was born this way for a reason. Perhaps it's show girls that no you don't have to be a 00 to look beautiful in clothes and that some curves and different features are OKAY or maybe it's to be able to look different than most in photos. 

I don't have full confidence yet, but I want to try my best to evolve to be secure and confident.