Saturday, April 26, 2014


Every time I visit LA or Newport, I'm always hit with the same energy. It's this nonchalant attitude mixed with a desire for rich things. It's no secret that LA is superficial, but the way the women and men dress would fool a bystander. It's just chill and laid-back. Loose tops, jeans, sundresses, sunglasses and sandals. Even at nice dinners and clubs women aren't necessarily dressing up like they are going out to prom. This might be one of my favorite things about the LA atmosphere, it's totally acceptable to wear a track pant to a club and still look chic…

LA is home to oversized chic but not just tomboy oversized chic, sexy chic. It's really an art, and women in LA have mastered it. In my opinion, these are some of the items that will turn you into a sun kissed beach babe. 

P.S. Warning, I just landed from Newport & I caught a cold so I'm currently on NyQuil, so the post might be a little odd LOL!

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