Friday, April 11, 2014

5 steps to get your boyfriend's friends to like you

The new stages of being a couple lead to excessive hours spent together, sharing your secrets (and judgments of other people), and somehow isolating yourself from your friends. Don’t even deny it, we’ve all done it to a certain extent. However, this thought dawned on me when I was going to be stuck for 13 hours with my boyfriend and 2 of his closest friends -– what if they don’t like me?? Or worse, don’t think I’m a good match for A?

Perhaps worrying is the wrong way to solve to this problem? So really, how do you make sure that your boyfriend’s friends like you?

 1. Laugh at everything they say. Men love to think they are the smartest in the group, if not the funniest too. So, even if it sounds like the stupidest, most sexist thing you’ve ever heard, laugh and roll your eyes when they aren't looking.

   2. Pretend like you’re one of the guys.  If they share some ridiculously gross stories of fart jokes and/or all the girls they claim to “bang”, just throw in some of the most dirtiest and TMI stories from your point of view. Not wearing a bra and the "V" works. Why not right?

   3.Try to call them out with little witty comments to bust that huge ego of theirs. Men hate when their ego is burst. So, you’ll prove that you can totally hang with the crew and still make them feel like a loser. WIN.

   4. Don’t try to wear revealing clothing. I mean, I like my boyfriend, I don’t want his friends to fight over me too… Except I’ve always wanted a dual match over me.. Sigh.

  5.Don’t talk about carbs, sugar, diet, fatty food, proclamations of being too fat, and in any case DO NOT discriminate against burgers and fries. It’s holy for them.

I mean, I’m on their good side now but it might just because I’m awesome so be weary in taking these steps of action! LOL

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