Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Channel Your Inner-Kate Moss

The day has come. The long anticipated Kate Moss x Topshop collection has been released! Not even an hour has passed, and the items are SOLD OUT (but have returned with no doubt, a price increase). But did we expect anything less? Of course not.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Found Sanctuary in Sanctuary Clothing

Another outfit post from my Newport trip.. my mother and I decided to go out for some sushi at the beach so I put on my favorite outfit in the world. Literally, I would have never guessed that track pants would become my favorite piece for spring/summer. I mean, it's difficult to find a great pair that fits and still makes you feel sexy, but this Party Soft Pant from Sanctuary Clothing literally fits like a GLOVE. I grabbed a size S and I'm 5'11 so I would recommend grabbing your "true" size just because they are a little larger.

Monday, April 28, 2014

daisy dukes

Recovering after my trip, I'm sick in bed, (I always get sick for some reason) and I already miss SoCal! That place will always have my heart. From the weather and all the memories I will always have there, I hope I have the opportunity to live there one day...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nasty Gal Favorites

Happy Sunday! I'm recovering from a cold, so I did some online browsing and wanted to show my favorite new arrivals from Nasty Gal :) 


Saturday, April 26, 2014


Every time I visit LA or Newport, I'm always hit with the same energy. It's this nonchalant attitude mixed with a desire for rich things. It's no secret that LA is superficial, but the way the women and men dress would fool a bystander. It's just chill and laid-back. Loose tops, jeans, sundresses, sunglasses and sandals. Even at nice dinners and clubs women aren't necessarily dressing up like they are going out to prom. This might be one of my favorite things about the LA atmosphere, it's totally acceptable to wear a track pant to a club and still look chic…

What is confidence?

Everyone of us believes that we are special. That our existence on Earth is unique and that our purpose is different from everyone else's  But lets be honest, when you step out into a crowd of beautiful women who are size 0, tan, and have designer clothing, what sense of confidence do we have? There are those that truly do have the confidence to be able to rock the crowd and attract major attention, and there are those of us that "fake it till we make it."

What is confidence? ...

Friday, April 25, 2014

weekend getaway in 1 carry-on

There is a big difference between packing for fashion week, a 10 day vacation, & an 
overnight work trip. I am currently on a flight heading to Newport Beach for some work and some play! Mother had work down there so I decided to do some of my own. BUT WHAT TO PACK? The eternal question. I usually get overwhelmed because going to a sunny climate makes me want to grab every single thing I've bought for the summer time. It's just 42 hours but sometimes a huge suitcase is mandatory. But who needs the hassle of extra packing, unpacking, and checking in?

7 steps to fit your whole life in 1 carry-on. 

f is for floral

One of my favorites pieces in my closet.. this MSGM skirt I grabbed before my first NYC Fashion Week last year! I totally forgot I had it (it was hidden in the back of my closet in these summer section) so

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury - Coco

These shoes are perfect for comfort and chic - My adornment of them had begun a couple months ago, but I had tried to resist every time I walked past their glare at Nordstrom. I was always the type for beautiful designer heels, but something in me just couldn't grab the Chanel ballerinas. However, this torment of want vs. need was lost a few days ago with my first pair of Chanel classic ballerina flats finally sitting my shoe closet.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SG X Erin Fetherston

If you've been a reader of my blog for the past month, I'm sure you've seen the gorgeous black and white dress by ERIN I wore a few weeks ago. I mentioned that I was invited to her NYC Fashion Show last February but with flight delays and traffic, I was bummed that I was unable to make it. Luckily, Erin's team noticed my photos via social media and reached out for a collaboration! Couldn't say no.. the dresses are just too gorgeous. Total princess dresses!! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mani Party Pop-Up with Jessica Simpson

My girl Jessica (we refer to her by first name now) had sent over some fab products for my best friends and me to try out! It was her Fancy Girl perfume and 3 nail colors gift set, along with a gift certificate for a fun party mani-pop up for the 3 of us! Literally, so fab! The Fancy Girl perfume has a sweet essence with a hint of fruity & floral, which my best friend Alina totally loved. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trend to Try: Instagram Sunglasses

We all see the cool kids, bloggers, and celebs rocking dark shades in their heavy-edited by Valencia photos. It seems that these retro shapes have actually been making a come back (like everything else?). However, while wearing these rosy-dimmed or gold accented shades, one doesn't only experience the Instagram affect on camera, but from their own perspective as well. The trendy shades provide a warm and "SoCal" view of the world. Who doesn't love that?

It's perfect to feature these throwback designs on Throwback Thursday! Here are my favorite picks for the perfect summer sunnies for all budgets - I am obsessed with the Dior sunnies. Meanwhile, check out my own Instagram @societygrl :)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Beauty Tutorial!

Hey everyone! I finally launched my YouTube beauty channel!! Today's first post is a tutorial on Everyday Makeup under 5 minutes. Pretty much what I do every time I get ready for school, errands, etc. 

Hope you like it!!! I'm still figuring out the in's and out's so bear with me please :) Here's the direct link to my Tutorial: Everyday Makeup Under 5min or subscribe to my channel :)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

floral in the spring, how original

Another outfit from my trip to SoCal last weekend. Again, had to pull out the white denim with all the sunshine around. I always love oversized tops withs Topshop skinnies so this outfit was a no brainer. And, of course, the sunshine calls for neon Sam Edelman flats

Monday, April 14, 2014

trip to SoCal

Here are a few photos from the wedding I attended in SoCal last weekend! A friend of ours was getting married and we decided to attended literally an hour before the car was leaving. I was stuck in a car for 13 hours there and back, but it was so worth it! The wedding was beautiful and so many of my friends came down to be there with us. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Skinny Saturday// Workout Attire

Workout clothing has got to be one of my favorite things on the planet. During high school I literally was dressed only in yogas and jackets. Whenever I get the chance I will always wear modern workout clothes instead of anything else. With this being said, workout clothes are important on and off the "field" because they are what get you motivated to work out (or it's just me). Who wants to wear short shorts and an old oversized tee your mom gave you? No one. 

Here are a few of my favorite picks of gym clothing and accessories because when you look good, you feel good :p

& I'm currently on vaca in SoCal and have a wedding to get ready for so I can't really do an extensive post today. Next week though!

left to right 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

5 steps to get your boyfriend's friends to like you

The new stages of being a couple lead to excessive hours spent together, sharing your secrets (and judgments of other people), and somehow isolating yourself from your friends. Don’t even deny it, we’ve all done it to a certain extent. However, this thought dawned on me when I was going to be stuck for 13 hours with my boyfriend and 2 of his closest friends -– what if they don’t like me?? Or worse, don’t think I’m a good match for A?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

spring boho-chic

What better way to spend a sunny day than to lay out in the sun and read? (and get macarons) I had a totally fun evening with my boyfriend in Old Bellevue aka the bakery and at the park! This super casual outfit was a little SoCal inspired with the floral jumpsuit and the long cardigan. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Spring style has got to be one of my favorite times of the year! A light jacket is all that is needed. 

My obsession with white denim is real. Love these jeans


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trend to Try: Wide-Legged Pants

I've already voiced my opinion on my boyfriend jeans post (and all the men who hate them) but I think I want to give a try to wide-legged pants, especially after I saw Karlie Kloss strutting around in wide-legged jeans.. not to mention that Alexander Wang and Hermes(above) both included wide-legged pants in their Fall14 RTW collections. 

I'm definitely thinking modern-retro with pastel colors and light fabric. It could be cute if styled correctly!! Here are my fave wide-legged pants from around the internet :) 
P.S. love the nasty gal jumpsuit.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

spring is for dresses & tulips

Yesterday, I went out to Wasabi Bistoro in Seattle with my boyfriend wearing this gorgeous Erin Fetherston dress I've been dying to wear! On the way to din, I had to stop by to get some fresh tulips from Pike Place market (my obsession is real lately) and of course had to take some photos with them :) WHO DOESN'T LOVE PINK FLOWERS? 

This Erin by Erin Fetherston dress makes me feel like a princess. The flared bottom is just a perfect enough to remind me of my childhood dresses and the monochrome color blocking is ultra chic. It literally lifts my mood wearing it. I actually was invited to Erin Fetherston's NYC Fashion Week show last February but my plane was delayed and with NYC traffic I wasn't able to make it.. Next year though! Paired with my Brian Atwood's + Chanel = Perf date night outfit. 

(You can see outfit details by clicking + on the last photo)

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

This Week..

Another week, another pair of shoes. I recently have switched teams to the "shoe game" and can't seem to get enough. Possibly because ever since I got my Chanel, my dream bag, I've been satisfied (who knows how long that will last).. My new Brian Atwood's are so comfortable and I adore the nude suede for summer. Oh, let's not forget the Skinny Saturday post tell all! 

Here's my week in photos via @societygrl Instagram :) Hope you have a great Sunday!

Newest purchases:

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Skinny Saturday// Why me?

So, Skinny Saturday eh? You might be thinking, why is this girl, who clearly has no license in anything, to be spreading around diet & exercise secrets? I guess you are right, I am not a licensed professional and all of my opinions are only my experience and what has worked/works for my body type.

Here is a little validity of my personal "success." Looking at photos some might assume I was always "thin" but no, I have worked tremendously hard to be where I am today. Here is  my journey.. I have never shared so much, but I think it's crucial to share my past so I can treasure my present. 

Nov 2010
March 2012

Summer 2012
Winter/Spring 2013
Spring 2013
Summer 2013
* * *
But lets be clear here, I am doing this to be able to help (not harm in any way) others. I know that I have struggled with an eating disorder and have made it quite clear, but what an eating disorder does is mental and it reflects physically. However, last year, during the time when I lost most of my weight I was seeing a nutritionist who taught me how to eat and what type of food I should be feeding my body. This knowledge I will dispense through these posts.   

Beginning January 2013, I ate 4 times a day, I ate plenty of veggies and proteins and not once did I starve myself. I ate so much that my friends and family were amazed at how I was still loosing weight. My friends even told me that by the amount that I ate I should be 200lbs. Yet, eating is all about what you eat, not how much you eat. This is only when I noticed that losing weight comes from eating, not starving. 

So here I am, posting my personal diet and exercise regime (in the future) because I've gotten hundreds of emails in regards to this topic. I must warn that all of my advice must be taken into consideration and if it suits your lifestyle/age/bodytype. I am 5'11, a little big boned and come from a family with "fat" genes, so I will always be prone to gaining weight.  

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Essie-ntials

One of the wost feelings after getting your mani done is when after a day your nail color doesn't match your mood. Okay, I might be over exaggerating but it's seriously annoying, right? However, I find that during certain seasons I have a few "go-to" colors that usually satisfy my mani cravings :) 

For Spring it's all about light, easy colors that have a tint of floral essence. 

Here are my top picks for spring:
(you can also click the + icons on the last photo on the bottles for links)

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