Saturday, March 15, 2014

Skinny Saturday

It's finally here! I have decided to add a HEALTH section to my blog (which will be beautifully displayed in my new site coming soon) and along with it - Skinny Saturday- where every week I'll update all about my health and lifestyle secrets :) I know, just in time for your summer body makeover. 

Now, to start off today.. my favorite breakfast/snack food on the go. Gluten free rice cakes. It's almost like eating a biscuit but not feeling guilty about it. Some of my favorite flavors range from caramel corn, chocolate crunch, lightly salted,  or just plain (if I want to put peanut butter on it) & they usually range somewhere from 50-70 calories, 5 grams of whole grain, and don't leave you feeling bloated. I usually grab the caramel corn flavor, like this one here, with my morning coffee when I'm running late. 

The plain rice cakes aren't too bad either, if you think that your summer body is more important than your taste buds. I mean, you want to look chic in your ultra sexy maxi dress, correct?

& as I've mentioned plenty of times, I don't do cream/sugar in any of my drinks. Not coffee, not tea, and deff not juices. God forbid. I have been splurging on diet Coke the last few weeks, but I'm done. Drinking your calories is the worst, I'd rather save the calories for a cookie. 

FYI. I'm in no way a nutritionist and all posts are my personal advice/experience with weight loss. 

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