Saturday, March 22, 2014

Skinny Saturday - Eat Dessert

If I could live off of one food, chocolate would be it. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, dark or white chocolate, I could eat it all. No but really, dessert is my biggest weakness. I have a horrible sweet tooth that sometimes (almost always) kicks my butt. 

Even though bikini season is around the corner and strict nutrition is heavy, I always let myself induge in some dessert every week. Like last night, my boyfriend took me out to dinner on the waterfront at Alki. After, we ventured into Capital Hill to try this new place - Dilettante Mocha Cafe. In order, here we have chocolate fondue (I died), chocolate and raspberry tiramisu cake, and brownies and ice cream. It was literally heaven. We grabbed waaay too much food, but thankful I was able to surprise my dad with some breakfast today :) 

Indulging is not only delish but also necessary. I believe that in order to maintain some sanity with all those salads, it's easier sticking to a healthy "diet" if you have something to look forward to as a reward. I like to share my dessert with my boyfriend and it's actually become one of our date night bondings where we can both eat chocolate. It's the little things in life that count. I know from personal experience that you can become afraid of dessert. We only live once.. and I'm sure that in the future I'm going to regret not indulging more when I was younger. 

3 Tips to Eating Dessert
1. Play this-or-that with your dinner and go a little light to save room for the yummy dessert! 
2. Grab a friend or boyfriend to share a plate with you so you don't end up gulping down the entire plate of fondue by yourself (totally possible). 
3. Try to plan a special evening that will feel more like a celebration rather than a "binge."

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