Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Makeup

I have been playing around with makeup lately and have become obsessed with Dior, well re-obsessed. My skin is very sensitive, so I am very cautious about using new products. I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn't cause breakouts and I love the packaging :)

Here are 3 of my latest skincare favorites!

Dior 'Diorskin' Nude Compact is my new everyday makeup so I don't walk around with a cake face. It' super light and doesn't look 'powdery'.
Dior 'Diorshow Art Pen' Eyeliner is magic. Everyone and their mothers knows I hate eyeliner and don't have the time to be a perfectionist. This pen is SO easy to make my cat eye that even I can do it in a rush. Totally recommend.  
 Dior 'SkinFlash' Radiance Booster Pen is my go to pen during school hours or an event for quick touch-ups of blemishes and to help those dark circles. If I get oily in the t-zone, I brighten up with a few strokes of the pen to reduce the shine.


Monday, October 28, 2013


Sometimes I think my life is a sick joke. I flew down here for work, to shoot for as the cover girl for the The Indie Chicks first print publication released this January, and I can't believe it haha. I'm sorry, I still can't get over what I'm doing lately. After shooting since 7AM and multiple looks and hair & makeup, the only thing that was getting me through the day was going shopping. I was dying to get to Rodeo Drive for some much needed retail therapy (and some chocolate). 

Absolutely love this look. My grandma, who people call my mother because she's fab and looks young,  went to London had totally dressed me today from some street style she had spotted. When I was working hard at the shoot, she grabbed this outfit for me at Bloomingdales & I got the shorts the night before, and of course my fave over the knee socks ;) It very 'London'. Yes, style does run in the family. 

Wearing OPI Mrs. O'leary's BBQ & Givenchy ring. 

Oh, lets not forget my new sunnies I HAD to grab at Dolce & Gabbana. IN LOVE WITH SQUARE FRAMES. 

1. FORA Leather Jacket (super similar here) 2. Caribbean Queen bodysuit 3. ZARA wool shorts 4. Over the knee socks from Bloomies  5. DV Boots  6. FORA scarf 7. PRADA wallet on chain



Sunday, October 27, 2013

LA Look 1

Day 1 of my LA trip entailed lots of lack of sleep, tanning, cocktails, and shopping. I am so obsessed with ZARA it's insane. I don't even know what will happen to me when we have one open in Seattle. This was the first time I have been to The Grove and I loved it! I love that I can pull off a sweater with cute leggings and not feel underdressed. The loafer with a tassel is also one of the most seen items in street style this year, these ones are not on sale, but I found similar here! To quote Zac Posen, 'simplicity is next to godliness.'

1. Knit Sweater - H&M 2. Leggings - Trina Pierre 3. Loafers - Steve Madden 4. Wallet on chain - PRADA

Big day tomorrow,

Friday, October 25, 2013

Prevent Shoe-Acide

Reality hits like Miley on a wrecking ball after the high of buying a new, perfect pair of designer heels wears off, and the dreadful feeling of actually wearing the heels sets in, which in most cases is despair with lots of band-aids. It's truthfully a girl problem, (we can write volumes), but it's something that is inescapable, unless of course you don't wear heels. Then my friend, I feel sorry for you. Sorry, that you don't feel the confidence and sexiness that a pair of heels give you the instant you put them on. A pair of hot heels does more than flatter your feet - they change the way a dress hangs, the way you present yourself, and as others see you. 

Heels are a fashion statement and photograph much better than flats. So, wearing heels in NYC during Fashion Week was a sacrifice a grl had to make. The secret? There is no secret. Not really, pain is pain and beauty has a lot of it. Sometimes, you have to mentally prepare yourself for those few hours for $800 shoes. They are SO worth it. 

Luckily, I decided to share some of MY personal suggestions on how to wear heels and how to make the pain, well, less "painful".

Tip #1 Learning how to walk in heels so you don't look like a baby lamb is the FIRST AND MOST CRUCIAL aspect of this whole thing. It takes getting used to a certain sole and wearing them around the house helps, or in my case going to Vegas for the first time and having to wear heels for 4 days consecutively, during day & night, day clubs & night clubs. That is where you learn how to walk in heels even if you don't want to. Granted, my toes were numb for a good week but now I will never complain about my feet hurting after those shoe-acide days.

Tip #2 I stick to certain brands that I know have a sole that my foot is used to. For example, Steve Madden and Enzo Angiolini have soles I can throw on and last all night in. My mother also had always taught me that huge European fashion houses usually make great footwear. From my experience, I love DIOR shoes and this year my Chanel booties have not even bothered me one bit. I wore them around NYC and the sole was SO comfortable. 

Beware: Everyone is drawn to the infamous red bottoms, but the word is that Christian Louboutin purposely makes his shoes painful to walk in. Why? Beauty is pain. I can only last about 3-4 hours in my Loub's.
I've attached a few of my favorite heels below!

Tip #3 Prior to wearing them out for the first night and being afraid of blisters and unwanted rubbing, sometimes I wear shoes with thick socks around the house to stretch them out. It looks ridiculous but is effective!!

Tip #4 I have shoes separated for different occasions and time spans. Seriously, I know how much time each pair of heels gives me to be comfortable in and I plan my outfits around that. Don't bring your new pair of heels on a vacation where you have to wear them 24/7. I always test out my new pair of heels to a dinner or a quick event to see where and how they fit (or don't). 

Tip #5 You  have to be comfortable in your own shoes. No heels or designer will make you look beautiful if you don't feel beautiful. It's true, it's not the shoe but the person who wears it. You need to embrace your inner queen and OWN THOSE SHOES, GRL!! 

Most of the things we worry about are all mental, and if you just let go of those fears life becomes simpler and enjoyable. So go ahead, buy those expensive or (affordable) heels and strut. Yes, your feet will hurt, but sometimes the best things in life come with a little work. 


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Color Trend

So obsessed with the deer sequined sweatshirt. OBSESSED. 
ps. It's really hard to focus in class when ASOS has a 70% OFF SALE... ARE YOU JOKING MEEEE?? (I'm not dramatic or anything..)


Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Mix Prints

Happy Monday all! Hope you guys had a good weekend, I know I did! I have been taking things slow around here and focusing on my loved ones as November approaches. Material things can only satisfy for so long. 

Another casual day outfit mixing prints. Again, pretty easy to pull this off for a casual Hallway Chic or out on the town look. My aunt actually got this t-shirt for me from London, but I have noticed that this trend is so in now! This outfit is one of those where it shouldn't work, but it does. I love the mixture of the prints (obsessed with this ZARA jacket since the beginning of fall) and the burgundy coated skinnies from AOS I got in LA compliment the Steve Madden 'Troopa' bootie so well. This boot has been my best friend on chilly school mornings. Finished with Salvatore Ferragamo cross body and Essie 'Allure' :)

The ZARA jacket has been sold out but I have found some similar pieces HERE, HERE, & HERE.
PS. The Two by Vince Camuto Coated Skinny is on sale!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guest Blogger: My Best Friend Spilling Secrets!

1. She loves her comfort food---- Some of the best times I've spent with Julia consist of us grubbing over sushi or pho and talking about our problems. There's just a special bond that forms between two people when you're both there to support each other while eating your feelings. Her favorite foods include, but are definitely not limited to, Russian Salad, spring rolls, and candy bars - especially Milky Way, and even the occasional McDonalds ice cream cone. It's almost a given that anytime she's coming over to my place we are going to get comfy on my couch and veg-out for the next couple of hours. I mean, what else are best friends for?

2. An eye for beauty and design runs in the family---- I'm sure we can all agree SG's sense of fashion always seems so effortless yet impeccably put together. Some say its a gift, but I wouldn't disregard the role her parents play. Both of them work with design on a daily basis. And surprise  surprise - their company has won several awards for their work. Obviously, The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree of success in this case. This also leads into my next fun-fact.. 

3. She's a great artist----Whether its a canvas and oil paints or a sketchbook and pencil, Julia is not lacking in artistic skill. We even took art classes back in the day together every weekend.  If you were to take a tour around her house, Cribs style, you would see her works framed and hanging on the wall in almost every room. I even have some of her sketches on my wall - just waiting for that moment when she becomes super famous and I can say I knew her way back when. Here's another sub-fact (2 for 1 deal ) one of her pieces even won her a contest where she got free flying lessons. This girl can really do it all.

4. She will laugh over the smallest things, and by laugh I also mean almost forget to breathe---- All it really takes is the right trigger, it can be something like the Double Rainbow video or a key word from an inside joke like "old faithful". Once you set her off there's no stopping the girl. Be prepared for red faces and teary eyes. It's probably one of my most favorite things about her personality, just to be able to react with such raw and real emotion. Of course as a bonus it makes me feel like I'm a lot funnier than I really am. Everyone could use a confidence boost every once in a while.

5. Everything she's got she earned by working her ass off--- Okay, so it's not really a secret that Julia has some of the strongest ambition and determination compared to any other young girl out there. I mean we can all quote Drake songs here ( "Started From the Bottom", etc) but how many of us can really relate it to our own lives without a doubt? There will always be those people out there who will criticize and say that she's the type of girl that just gets things handed to her, whether its because of her pretty face or her parents. Let me just say that from personal experience of actually being here for her all these years (almost 10 and counting), that not once has she let any situation take advantage of her. By this I mean that when she doesn't like something or has a certian goal, she gets up and makes moves. Sure, many of you have seen her fitness journey through her before and after pics, but I have personally been along for all the mental changes she has made as she matures. Ever since I can remember she has had a goal of being known, being an influence, and making a name for herself. She was continuously preparing by networking with everyone around her and jumping at every opportunity to better herself, and now all of us can see where it's gotten her. Nothing in life worth having comes easy, and SG is a living example of that philosophy. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Evening Dresses

Here are 25 of my favorite cocktail dresses and gowns for homecoming, holiday parties, or any special event! I am seriously obsessing over the white & flower Madison Dress and the Mara Hoffman gown... NEED!

It's officially event season and the most stressful part of all of this is picking out that PURRRFECT dress. Meow. Blame the kitty reference on Victoria, but seriously, aint no body got time to spend a week looking for dresses. I swear, it's like when I need a dress I can never find one. I've been getting A LOT of email requests and questions on ASK SG about evening wear and gowns so decided to do a post today during break between classes.

I know that not everyone can wear the same type of dress, which is why I included various types. For example, when I was bigger (size 8-10) I was really self-conciouse of my tummy area. I typically wore flared out dresses or dresses that were loose from the waist down. 
Okay I'll spill a little secret. Even though I am size 0-2, I'm still really self-conciouse of my arms which is why I typically like wearing long sleeve dresses.. shh :) 
Personally, when I like to go to events, I like to have all eyes on me, so I try to make a statement with my dress choices (now).

Off to class,

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hallway Chic

During my NYC trip for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I had met up with my societygrls on the Met Steps (like a total Gossip Girl moment, read here!) and a few asked me to do some "younger" fashion inspo posts for them to be able to wear to school, college, etc. I've been wanting to do this post for a while now but haven't had any time! 

"Hallway Chic" is a highschool/college look that is reversible, reusable, and customizable. One of the things I regret the most is dressing like everyone else in high school. Oddly enough, I was afraid to stand out, and now I wish I would have cared less.The old sweatshirt, yoga pants, and UGG's gets old after a while and this is an easy look that literally takes seconds to pull off. 

Style Trend: Unique sweatshirts/crew necks. Put a twist to your old crew neck, printed sweatshirts and crew necks are so in right now. Prints, patterns, color blocking, and cropped sweaters should be at the top of your list. 

I love the grungy feel this look gives off. I paired my UW (GO HUSKIES!) sweatshirt with an oversized military jacket, but you can use a leather or printed jacket too! Paired with my Steve Madden Troopa Boot I grabbed at the NYC store. However, don't think you have to stick to a boot, you can mix with loafers, flats, or oxfords. Simple black MYA jean from Articles of Society and my favorite boyfriend, Mr. Precarious from D'andrea Handbags complete the look! 


Have a great week!
PS. Check out my GIVEAWAY of my tank top and Seattle Starbucks mug on my Instagram :) @societygrl

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Oversized chic and knit wear season have become my FAVORITE. Seriously, comfortable and chic are the best combination, but there is a certain eye needed to pull it off. I wanted to do a quick outfit post for the weekend, because I haven't done one in a while and because I AM OBSESSED WITH OVER THE KNEE SOCKS. I might feel a little like Serena wearing them, but they go well with practically everything. I love the attitude they project. Especially since I never really have to wear pants. I pair them with loafers, booties, and even high heels. Knit cover, wool shorts and the Vince Drape Neck Sweater make for a great school outfit. 

MY personal falls staples will be the over the knee socks and turtlenecks. This turtleneck is a bit volumous and a modern twist on the classic. Isn't that what we are all about here??.. Accessories include the Givenchy vintage ring from mother, "J" ring from Dogeared, and my favorite Essie Baby's Breath nail color.

Fall Trend: Layering anything is in - sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, scarves, you know name it. I prefer to have an outter layer that is a size larger so I can do a few layers underneath. It really depends on your preference and how cold you get. I get cold in my own house, my mom keep it so cold because "it doesn't age you". Whatever. 


Feelin' like myself again,
PS. Victoria makes it so hard to type, WHY DO CATS GET IN THE WAY OF EVERYTHING?


Check out more behind the scenes on Instagram @societygrl
Woke up this morning to my feature on - A SEAHAWKS WOMAN! As Kevin Heart would say, it was my turf!!

Head over there to read up on the best NFL team, and me! ;) IS THIS REAL LIFE TODAY?

Have a great weekend,

Friday, October 11, 2013

Luly Yang Fashion Show

Sometimes when you want to give up, you can't. That's how I feel lately. Even though it would be so easy to drop everything and live an average life, that's not me. I am not a quitter. 

Today I sent in my story to be featured on (can't wait to show you guys!!) and I wanted to recap the Seattle's Bridal Urban Unveiled Fashion Show featuring Luly Yang Couture bridal gowns from her 2014 collection. I actually assisted a DList Magazine photo shoot with her gowns, so I was thrilled to be invited to this event. Not only did I have the chance to wear this gorg gown, I also got to bring along some great eye candy. 
Seriously though, I did not dress my boyfriend. He cleans up nicely doesn't he? I haven't seen him in a suit and bow tie prior to this event, so I am just as impressed as you are. He even brought me flowers so I could pin one of the flowers instead of wearing a red pocket square. People were actually asking if we were engaged and/or models for the event haha!

Gorgeous venue, dresses, and the Trophy Cupcakes were amazing!! Glad I got to attend and see more of the Seattle fashion industry. I am falling in love with this job, actually I decided to steer away from calling this a job,  it's a hobby.

My red dress though... Is by David Meister & is from my mothers closet. I could not tell you where she got it because we have had it for about 6 years. She and my aunt (she's 27 and a milf) have all worn it at some point to an event. It really is true what they say about classics, they will NEVER go out of style. A simple, elegant red dress will always be your best friend on these kind of occasions. Red is always a great color for the holidays as well.I paired it with my Tasha 'Princess' clutch, Givenchy earrings and vintage ring, and my Essie's Baby Breath polish. Oh, and wearing 'Viva Glam' MAC lipstick & Mac 36 Lash eyelashes, I never wear them except to events, the lashes make me feel glam. :) 

Shop HIS:

Shop HERS:

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Halloween is upon us once again. I didn't even realize until I walked into the grocery store and saw all the decorations and then it dawned on me that it's already October 9th.. crazy. Where has the time gone??? My birthday is right around the corner too. It's January 9th, put it on the calendar ;) I also have THE best costume idea that I'm saving for myself mwahaha.

I'm a SO over the whole unoriginal costumes for Halloween, a cop or nurse? Wow, there will only be another 20 at your party. How about a pirate? Lame. Decided I wanted to do an "inspirational" post for Halloween costumes. I am on a coffee high so I might as well use all my energy before I crash (I'm feelin' a little witty). You can make them as sexy as you want, but remember you have to wake up as YOURSELF the next day. 


1. Miley Cyrus - this could be only used this year so I would jump on it. You could do a body suit or a crop top and high waisted shorts. Put two buns on top of your head, a foam finger, and you're good to go. If you're really committed, get a wrecking ball. 

2. A loofa - honestly the most original. So cute. Guide HERE

3. Victoria Beckham - no, you don't have to start your own clothing line or find a hot soccer player (unless you want, could also be a couple's costume) but all you need is a short hair cut, oversized square sunglasses, and the chicest outfit you own, including a designer handbag. If you really want to commit grab a stroller with a fake baby and a soccer ball. Actually scratch that, grab a hot British guy in boxers with nice abs too. Wear a name tag.

4. Phantom of the Opera & Christine (for couples) - my favorite movie of ALL time. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME? 

5. Laura Croft - literally have wanted to be her for halloween for SO long but I'm not brunette, don't have long hair anymore, or have big boobs so that idea is out of the window. It's Angelina Jolie so you'll be sexy either way if you have any of the assets that she does. It's pretty simple to pull her off as long as you do your dark, long hair in a braid.

6. Cat Woman - classic. Let's be honest. Just grab cat ears and a lot of leather (perf for this season too!) Yes, I have kitty fever, sue me.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Here is the color palette that I will be using for the fall!

Nail colors are not a joke. My mani and pedi time are my therapy sessions that I indulge in almost every day. It matches my mood. Recently, I've been more fond of neutral colors, a way to stabilize my life, but I imagine I will be going into darker plum and navy tones in a month or so, even some metallics for special occasions like 'Nothing Else Metals' from Essie that I wore in NYC. I love Essie, but I don't discriminate against OPI. Also, lovin' the Essie Breast Cancer Awareness Collection pink! 


Monday, October 7, 2013


Happy Monday! I took a much needed weekend off and I can't even tell you what 3 days of normal sleep do. I realized that I have been forcing something upon myself and my readers that wasn't completely me. I am not a just a fashion blogger. Fashion is part of me, but I'M not just fashion. I didn't start being a fashion blogger and I am not going to put myself in a box. 

I wanted to launch yet another new addition to the site, BEAUTY, in the tabs above where I will be disclosing my secrets of what, where, and how I manage my skin and hair. 

So, WHERE do I go for my skin care needs?
I have sworn by Red Door Spas since I probably started my Twitter account. I have been going to RDS religiously since about a year and a half ago. I found my favorite aesthetician, Amanda, who just gets me. So this weekend while my life was a hot mess and I was slightly going insane, I HAD to go in for a spa day, because obviously? I usually go in for a Signature Red Door Spa facial for 50 minutes of heaven aka exfoliation and extractions + my favorite, cold stones face massage. 

Perk of the job, not going to lie, is that I teamed up with the Red Door Spa to bring you (and myself) the inside scoop from the Spa and the future events, like the Spa Week Oct 14-20th, where you can get a Spa Week Facial( which is my norm facial), a Stress Melter Body Treatment Massage, or Pedi for $50.

It's not out on the site currently, but you can call the Red Door Spa at your location and make your appointment before they announce it, last year I couldn't even get my mom & grandma an appointment because I found out about it last minute. 

Also, along side me, my new kitty Victoria English (yes, this is a reference to Aristocats kitty Liz English), helped me write my post today :) I tend to make my crazy decisions when I'm stressed so my boyfriend gifted me a kitty lol! My mother was usually against pets, we are actually having a Civil War in my household,  but I really think that she has converted. LOOK AT THIS FACE. 

Off to Petco, (we are so keeping her)

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I love women's fashion, but men's fashion is a whole different ball game, which is why I'm so glad my boyfriend and I teamed up on this blog post :) I can't even image studying menswear right now, I already have enough on my plate with JUST women's. I just know what I prefer and know what looks good, call it a gift. Luckily, my boyfriend is extremely fashionable that I can't even complain. I mean, would I date anything less than that? Probably not. It would drive me insane. 

Menswear has always been something I wanted to expand on my blog. I know that I have a big demographic for "society boys" that I could never reach. Everyone wants inspiration sometimes and I really want to help my loyal men followers out. So this one is for you men out there that have loved me since the beginning :) So, last night him and I were talking and I decided that instead of me researching my menswear style posts (which I was stressing about), what better way for me to write about menswear fashion than from my favorite source? He's actually knowledgable about current trends so I'm trusting him :) 
Dress your boyfriend or yourself, but you will definitely be in style this season if you grab a few of these investment pieces. 

Boyfriend's Top Picks for the fall include knit sweaters, cuffed dark denim paired with a boot. Layering is also huge with a scarf or a trench coat. I've never met a guy who loves accessories more than him, but it totally works! He always wears some kind of leather bracelet, it's super cute :)

And to quote "knit sweaters till I die."



Thursday, October 3, 2013


Dear whomever, I have no real person to turn to who will understand, therefore I am going to take another free therapy session and release my energy into space.

My job is weird. It's not normal. It wasn't even supposed to be my job. Everything that I am doing has completely no direction or a final destination. Everything I thought I stood for has completely shattered beneath me. Do I want to be an attorney? Do I want to be single till I'm 30? Where do I even want to live? I DONT KNOW.
I don't know anything anymore. I don't know what I want to wear because someone will always be criticising me. I don't know what I wan't for lunch because I know it will impact my weight for pictures. I don't know what to post because I want to be a positive influence. I don't know where my life is heading. I don't know what top to wear with those shoes because I can't even think. What I do know, is that I'm going slowly insane.

I have no where to vent to anymore, everyone just expects me to be perfect, keep excelling at work and keep working harder. It's hard. I have to be innovative everyday but I have no one to turn to. I can wake up and have everything lost. Who knows if someone will like what I'm writing, what my pictures look like, if I will still have people care? Again, I don't know.

I am not perfect and I never EVER try to seem that way. I have more insecurities than most people. I wake up every morning checking my notifications expecting for more people to hate me, more people to tell me what else they hate about my body or my personality. What have I ever done for these people to tear me apart? Nothing. On the other side I have these girls who email me how much I influence them, and it scares me because I don't even know how and why I influence them. 
This started out as fun, innocent and random posts that started to consume me. I love what I do, don't get me wrong, I would not trade it for anything now that I've lived it. It's just hard not to get lost. I've come too far to get sucked into this life again where all I care about is how skinny I am and what next handbag I'm buying. 
I have insecurities, and I have to accept that I CAN'T change. I have a thigh gap and people hate that I have one, but if I lost it other people would hate me for not having it. I don't like my nose and I'm always scared of posting face pictures. I don't like my hands.  
I'm young and I don't even know what I want but I know that I can't let this go anymore. I'm building my own empire, but now I see that everything (even if glamourous) has a price. I'm just a normal person going through my own struggles, how different they may be.


VOGUE Forecast

Haven't had time to do an outfit post due to school work.. WHYYYYYY?? Wanted to do a quick post. I may or may not be skipping class to post this because my professors have a "no electronics" policy. AS IF. (my parents read my blog)
On Friday before the Posh Party Beauty & Trends Show, BFW hosted a Press Conference with Cara Crowley and Lawrence Zarian for a Fashion Forcast Q&A.

Wearing Marc Jacob shorts I believe (I found similar Trina Turk ones SALE here!), Splendid top, huge blanket scarf I found in mothers closet, and my booties & Gucci bag. Wearing this adorable pearl-esc ring and Essie Chocolate Cakes nail polish. I teamed up with The Red Door Spa here in Bellevue - my hair was done by my fave girl Kelly and  finished with a deep plum lip and cat eye eyeshadow using the Elizabeth Arden makeup collection.

It's funny because I haven't noticed how much I know about fashion until I realized I knew practically everything they were discussing. I even almost wore the same top as Cara, and we had the same hair style. She even said she loves my scarf.. NBD. I will be incorporating these future trends in my blog in the following weeks. I no longer want to post fashion, but I want to help influence it. Here's a little preview :)

Here are a few top trends for the 2013 fall/winter months:
1. Layering 
2. Punk-ish clothes and accessories
3. Bold Colors
4. Abstract modern prints
Colors to watch out for: Grey, Syrah, Emerald Green, Deep Red & White.

& for men layering is huge! Cuffed pants, shoes with no socks, and scarfs are IN. Tell your boyfriend.

Shop Similar to My Look