Monday, September 30, 2013

Bellevue Fashion Week: DAY 5


Barely slept last night watching The Great Gatsby for the 5th time, so my writing juices are a little off. Last night was the last show for Bellevue Fashion Week, the 7 Salon Hair Show. Pretty cool to see different inspirations, I'm not a hairstylist but I'm sure it takes hours to come up with concepts. Just like people assume that blogging is 'easy'. I would just like to challenge those that think that. Uhuh. It's pretty crazy to see where my life has taken me though, two months ago I would have not even attended these shows. Social media is a powerful tool, but a double edged sword. 
Before the show I got to meet Francisco Hernandez, the designer for Built For Man, he took me backstage to show me his new collection, loved all the small details on the leather. 

A little outfit repeating but this vest is so versatile. Pairing the reds in Christian Louboutin's red bottoms and pop of color with the red Prada cross body from Paris are my favorite -  David & Young hat,  ZARA trouser and turtleneck. The akris fur vest makes the whole outfit. Discreet Chic. 

Getting an intern for Fashion Week was my greatest idea.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bellevue Fashion Week: DAY 4

Above, I've added a DAY IN THE LIFE tab for my life as Societygrl :)
(1Top. ZARA 2. Skirt: ZARA 3. Shoes: ZARA 4.Clutch: Tasha 'Princess' Clutch 5. Necklace: Ottaviani Bijoux)

I've had this outfit planned for a few weeks now, and I knew I could pull it off. I got voted "Best Dressed" last night lol! All white is a tough trend to nail, but the whites don't have to match. Pairing the same colors that are off in shade is starting to become a trend. Outfit is all from ZARA, once again it doesn't disappoint. 

I've combined key trends for this fall in this outfit. The 60's pointy toe heel is having a come back, paired with a white flared over the knee skirt, a cropped white turtleneck and a statement necklace. I am also wearing the Dior Iconic 999 red lipstick, this season simple makeup with a red lip has dominated the runways and transform your look for that little oomph. 

The Vogue Front Row Fashion Show is the fashion show here in Bellevue. For those not familiar with the area, it's east of Seattle, and a little town that reminds me a little of NYC. It was a sold out show  & anyone who is anyone in the industry attends. Cara Crowley and Lawrence Zarian hosted the event and showcased 7 Looks for the fall, some including the P.M. Collection, Bold Color, Punk Chic, and Layering. I am truly so excited for the next few months with my blog. I am going to elevate my style to the next level, and I think attending these fashion shows gave me just the refresher I needed. Being in your head and constantly over analyzing every outfit is exhausting. It also made me realize I live and breathe fashion. I know it. 

ps: J Mendel, Alice + Olivia, and Rag & Bone white skirts are on sale!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bellevue Fashion Week: DAY 3

I have a new tab above - LOOKS - where you can find all my fashion posts since I started this blog :)
Photos by my intern, Grace:) 

I teamed up with the The Red Door Spa (my dream come true!) my hair and makeup were so fab yesterday! I am wearing my favorite MSGM skirt that I wore at New York Fashion Week for the Brian Lichtenberg show, it's a fun take on florals. It's so easy to style, seriously it transforms from summer to fall and day to night. I think Urban Outfitters pinned me in this. However, instead of pairing with an oversized cropped sweater I used the black basic turtleneck from ZARA. THIS is a must have item and will be my staple this season. A basic monotone turtleneck should be in everyones closet this fall/winter. Mark my words, they will be big this year. 
Grey is a big color this season - I had this scarf in my car and I threw it on without even thinking about it to pair with my Chanel's.
That's what I love about fashion, anything works as long as you have the right attitude to wear it

I didn't attend BFW Day 2 because it was a menswear event, and if I even think about venturing into menswear I will probably go insane. Day 3 of BFW was the Posh Party Beauty & Trends fashion show. Macy's showcased a few beauty brands like Smashbox & STILA followed by a Fall Trends runway show that included trends for suits, punk, animal print, the new "1920's" look, and lace. I am so inspired by all these events, you guys have no idea what's coming to my blog. 
Everyone knows that my favorite show was the Suit Yourself collection because I have been obsessing over menswear for women since the beginning of summer. I also noticed that I'm lovin' cheetah print shoes, I am not a fan of a lot of prints, but I think I'll have to invest in some hot pair of cheetah booties. Let's not forget the eye candy that came out, the Seattle Sounders :)

Dress like a societygrl:
*Here I place items that are incorporated in my outfit or those that resemble closely. I try to pick out different price points from Forever21 - Nordstrom for every budget*


Thursday, September 26, 2013

BFW: Day 1

Ever since I saw a picture of Blake Lively wearing her red pantsuit, I've dreamed of one. It's so hard to find the right color, fit, and the occasion to wear one, but I decided the first day of Bellevue Fashion Week was THE day. 
Honestly, I even took a risk on overnight delivery from ZARA. It's the Blazer with Narrow Lapels and Ankle-Cropped Trousers. I usually hate last minute online shopping, but ZARA has yet to disappoint. I have had this white blouse for about 6 years, and this is the first time I'm wearing it - it's like when you keep something long enough it will come back into style LOL. I have been feenin' for white closed toe pumps, so they will definitely be worn quite often this season. I really really love how the red PRADA mini satchel looks paired with the red pantsuit, it's one of those things that shouldn't work, but just does. Took a risk and finished off with Sunday Somewhere shades! 
I have been challenging myself to step up my game and style my outfits that give that 'editorial' feel. I want people to be intrigued by what I'm wearing, and I want them to be talking about me. Isn't that always the goal?

Day 1 went super well! I went to the Independent Designer Runway Show that had 11 local Northwest designers competing for the chance to win the title. It was such a cool scene! Loved seeing the Seattle area fashion life, I have never been part of it before because I was anonymous and stayed incognito. Sooo trying to cope some of those looks!!

Dress like a Societygrl:

ps 40% OFF WWSGD? Tanks till the end of the week at :) 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

STYLE TREND: Turtlenecks

Don't be afraid of turtlenecks. It's easy to make them modern and easy to style. They actually do all the work for you because they are such a statement piece. This season there are multiple looks of the turtleneck, some more voluminous than others. There is just something about an oversized knit turtleneck sweater.  Take a risk this winter ;)

Off to my photo shoot!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Total Serena Move

While I was in NYC for Fashion Week a few weeks ago, I met up with the girls, Ariel and Twiggy, from TwiggyPenz for a Serena inspired photo shoot from Gossip Girl (if you haven't seen my instagram blown up). It was the perfect touch with my Grand Central Station reveal, The Empire Hotel, and my meeting with the girls on the Met Steps. Loved these outfits, loved shooting with the girls, and loved hanging out with the men from the wedding party at the Plaza Hotel LOL! The looks are styled with Benjamin Ringuet pieces at
Wanted to do a simple post today before the big week here! BELLEVUE FASHION WEEK. Hope you guys are ready :)  


Have a good week:)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Office Chic

Today's the day I am heading out to my boys brothers wedding and am meeting all of his family. Yes, who cares about fashion when I am FREAKING OUT?.. Right? I mean it's only all of his family and relatives who are flying in. Let me just say, I have no idea what shoes I'm wearing and I still need to get my nails done, but my cream dress is to die for. My priorities are impressive, I know. 

I think sarcasm is my comping mechanism. 

Throwback to my long hair! I actually took these THE day I cut it (which I don't regret). The outfit is really simple, but I love it that way. Earlier I wrote that I wanted to commit to classic pieces that are in the same "genre" of clothing so it would be easier to style. The past few weeks, I have done just that. I am looking for pieces that basically do all the work for me, we know that I don't over accessorize or layer often. This Mesh Dress from Sanctuary Clothing is not so basic, but definetly has a very refined look + burgundy is such a hot color right now. Dressing it up or down is easy, but the dress itself is a powerful statement already. This thicker heel is modern and comfortable, which is why I live in my Chanel booties. Paired with my Burberry bag & Sunday Somewhere Soelae round frame shades make for a cute, casual day out or even to a meeting, just add a blazer.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013


In honor of my new makeover by the Red Door Spa, and my laziness because I want to go grab breakfast with my boyfriend this morning, decided to give YouTube a try. Reading my tweets you will never grasp how sarcastic and animated I am. Oh and I have a signature glare. 

Answering a couple questions from ASK SG :)


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


One of the reason's why I went to NY Fashion Week was for the gifting of the D'andrea Handbags at the Empire Hotel, I actually met her through one of my Twitter followers! I didn't even need Chuck Bass with all these Misters around. Eye candy & temptation everywhere. Obviously, even then celebs love them :) My personal favorite photo is of Miss J, makes me laugh LOL

I kept asking Nicole, the designer, to give me so juicy details on some ex boyfriends or who the bags are named after but she wouldn't spill! I'm determined to hear the stories one day. 
“Every girl has a story from an ex whether a broken heart came of it or a fairytale. I think every girl can have fun with these Misters! The majority of the Misters are named after my exes however even though my old boyfriends keep asking a girl can't divulge her secrets of which Mister is named after each ex.  I will say that Mr. Emotionally Unavailable, Mr. Arrogant, and Mr. Lover are all named after the same guy however Mr. Right Now is the guy that I currently have my eyes on even though he may not be a keeper, I like his eyes…. I mean a girl has to have some fun.” - Nicole D'andrea
 You said it Nicole, and we sure did have some fun in NYC ;)

I love my boyfriend Mr. Precarious, he's my fave arm candy, so I'm super excited to host a giveaway of a special Mr. Right Now handbag from D'andrea Handbags. Don't miss out to get your own boyfriend ;) Here are the rules! Use the MisterGiveaway code for $50 off on an purchases over $150 at

Good luck!