Saturday, August 31, 2013


Not going to lie, I was never a big sports fan until I was peer pressured into watching it with the boys last season. Don't know if I have made it clear before, but I am the most competitive person you will never meet. Seriously though, I will never give up until I reach my goal, be it in sports or real life. No surprise why I like the game.
Also, should mention that the boy I'm seeing LOVES football and plans to pursue it as a career (aka I don't have an option anymore). SO with that said, he took me to my first Seahawks game on Thursday against the Raiders!
Even though I watched half the game behind the scenes of the Seahawks Pro Shop with the social media boys dealing with first world problems because I couldn't get service, I had such a fun time :)

I probably looked like the biggest Seahawks fan decked out in my 12th Fan Jersey, pom poms (MY FAVE) and this awesome new beanie that Richard Sherman wore the first pre-season game, but if they only knew... As well all know, I don't do "average", so I took a risk and styled the jersey with these black trousers from H&M with my tiffany belt from Forever21 and matching Jeffery Campbell's sneakers. Also, due to new NFL regulations handbags are no longer allowed into the stadium unless they are clear, so I had to improvise with this Forever 21 clear clutch! Had no problem getting in and even the security said he liked it haha! I don't know if it was a bad or a good thing but everyone was staring at me LOL! Whatever.

And yes, the Seahawks won.

Don't be boring at your next football game:P PS the Nordstrom Shoe Sale is KILLIN ME!!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dress Outside the Lines

Dress: Robert Rodriguez I Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (On Sale!) I  Sunglasses: Prada
Photography by Nordstrom photographer Ivan Lesko
The more I write these posts, the more I learn about myself and my own personal style. I started this style blog with no intention of it being successful. My followers always requested a blog so I thought it would be fun to experiment with. It's been a blessing to see my blog unveil and along with it, I have seen my own personal style change too. I no longer am content with just wearing yoga pants and Uggs everyday (which I did in high school). I love the challenge of wearing something that stands out. I guess it's like a a puzzle every morning, choosing what I'm wearing and who I want to BE that day.
This outfit was unexepected. Originally I had brought black ZARA heels to photograph in, but while walking to the location, I had thrown these Jeffery Campbell sneakers on because my feet hurt. I have the worst ankle problems and recently haven't been able to wear heels as often. Turns out that these sneakers totally worked with the outfit!! I love how the look turned out. It's unusual and the contrast of these two different styles looks tres chic.
I was on a mission to grab these sneakers a few months ago, but they are on sale now HERE! The dress I bought a year ago, and this is the first time I'm wearing it.. Oops. Some similar looks below :)

Yay or nay?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Style Over Comfort

Long boarding has literally becoming one of my favorite get aways this summer. I'm not a pro but I can easily skate for a few hours on the boardwalk. Alki Beach, here in Seattle, is gorgeous at night with a perfect view of Seattle. It's the perfect backdrop to board to. I actually just really wanted to go long boarding so I asked my photographer if we can do something with this idea. We don't sacrifice style for comfort LOL! It's actually easy to longboard in a dress let me tell ya! I have a feeling this jacket will be one of my fave staple pieces this Fall. So chic. I got it from ZARA in the Summer and unfortunately no longer available + this dress is from TOPSHOP and impossible to find. If you're trying to go for the tribal print, boho street chic look, try a print dress with a monotoned denim or leather jacket. I picked out a few of my favorites in the shop my look option below :)
Photography by Nordstrom photographer Ivan Lesko
Jacket: ZARA I Dress: Topshop I Shoes: Steve Madden I Scarf: Louis Vuitton


Monday, August 26, 2013

The Indie Chicks SG Spotlight Feature!

It's a tough day being Societygrl today.. Let's just take a moment for my first Spotlight Feature on Indie Chicks!! Literally, "be featured on a website" is check marked off my bucket list. I still can't believe that my social media has taken me this far. I am honored to be featured and to be able to share things that I haven't had the chance to say on Twitter. This article is a great "behind the scenes" look at what my life really is like. Didn't hide anything back and I hope you love it :) PS. There is even a contest to win one of my WWSGD Tanks
Click HERE to read!

Lovin' life,

Friday, August 23, 2013

White Blouse

Working East Coast time is killin me.. I am so late to the DList Magazine photo shoot I am helping with today, but I had to post this!! I finally found my perfect photographer, gotta admit I couldn't wait to share. I am obsessed with this look. There is something about a crisp, white blouse that just hangs perfectly off your body. A "not so basic" white blouse is a must have closet staple. Honestly, it's the perfect piece to throw on when you have no idea what to wear. It looks expensive, put together, like you have style, and most importantly super comfy. I love oversized clothes, it makes me feel so tiny :) Paired with simple jeans and my FAVORITE shoes of all time, it's so me.

Photography by Nordstrom photographer, Ivan Lesko
Shirt - Calvin Klein I Jeans - Articles of Society I Shoes - Dior I Handbag - Burberry

Shop my look :)

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I've been thinking of posting my Must Haves or Top Picks for a while now, plus I was too lazy to do an outfit post LOL. Noticed these trends in my life for the past few weeks. I'm obsessing over these little scrolling looks option, wanted to play around with it!!! Hope you guys love it and get some inspiration as well :) 

1. High Waisted Maxi's 
I've added a whole new dimension of obsession to the high-waisted trend with the skirts. Chiffon, cotton, patterned, or solid, I love them all. They are perfect to pair with a tank or an oversized shirt. So not ready for this trend to pass, so this will definitely be a Fall Staple for me (but with different fabrics of course!)
2. Lovin' Love
I'm loving love. :)

3. Swimsuits As Bodysuits:

Most of you know I'm pretty lazy when it comes down to my outfits. I love that a swimsuit as a body suit is a quick solution. I usually throw it on when I'm going to the beach or a casual park. What I LOVE most is that people don't usually expect to see body suits period. I'm really drawn to cool prints and photos on the 1-pieces, they are something else. Can't wait for my Gypsea Swimwear new collection to come in. I always get tons of compliments on my "shirt". I don't know, I like to be innovative ;) (ps. My red, lace 1-piece from Instagram is here!)

4. Orange EyeShadow  
Decided I wanted a different look this summer. I tend to do a lot of brown eyeshadow, or none at all. I spend the LEAST amount of time doing my make up and hair. I'm such a cali girl. So, the girls at Nordstrom suggested I try out NARS Albertross shimmer paired with NARS Persia eyeshadow for a fresh summer look. I have blue eyes, and I have to say that the combo looks fab! I even have guys telling me they like my eyeshadow. It's great because I can wear it to the beach or add more color to turn it into a rich color for the evening.

5. Cool Frames
I was and always will be a fan of aviators. Something about them screams "editorial' but lately I've been feelin' my Gucci square-ish frames. It's not the fact that they are square, but the fact that people don't expect it. It catches their eye. Plus I feel like a little bumble bee with the frames :)

6. Being Different
Wasn't expecting this one to be up here, but I guess I noticed a trend about myself. I like to stand out. I like to be noticed. I like to have people talk about me. I want them to talk about me. I guess that's where it all comes down to. I want people to notice me and what I'm wearing, because being different is awesome! Who want's to wear the same thing everyone is wearing? You lose yourself in it. Blending in may be "safe" (that's how I was in high school) but I truly regret not standing out and standing up for what I believe in.
What's your favorite thing I'm loving?

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Red Jumpsuits are IN

Haven't noticed but I have recently become fond of all things red. I have pops of red here and there, and I got to say I'm pretty happy about it. It's a nice change from all the black I wore a few months back. From my red Prada mini satchel, to swimsuit, and this romper, I will definetly be continuing this trend into fall. Deep red is a beautiful accent during the winter months. Currently drooling over this Claduette Red Jumpsuit from TYSA designs. The red is so ME. It hangs perfectly off my body. I've literally worn this 5 times since I've received it, it's super easy to style with heels or flats. I like to keep all my looks simple, so I just threw on some hoop earrings. Less is more, and with this outfit the jumpsuit is the staple piece. Wearing my boyfriend, Mr. Precarious from D'andrea Handbags with simple Michael Kors heels! Can't wait for NYC FW 2013 with them!! :)

More red items I'm obsessing over! (ps my red lace swimsuit that I wear as a body suit is below!)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LBD to the Rescue

Photography by my favorite Nordstrom photographer :)
Got this little gem from my trip to LA from Monica Kitchen. She was featured in The Look and has recently moved to LA to expand her business, loved her looks! I got to peak the 2014 Spring Collection and I NEED her maxi. The unique cut out is my favorite part of the dress. The open back is something I don't do often (mostly because I have horrible tan lines) but I'm kinda feeling this. Seriously, the Little Black Dress is probably my favorite go to piece in my closet. I am stacked on LBD's but I've been trying to not wear too much black this summer. Post is a tribute to Coco Chanel for her belated birthday!

Want to dress like a societygrl? Shop my look :)


Monday, August 19, 2013

Free Therapy

I know my blog is fashion based, but it's my blog so I can do what I wan't with it. Decided I needed some free therapy to unleash all of this built up energy. I've been thinking a lot about my social media and the image I project. Truth is, societygrl is the person I was a year ago and is only a glimpse of what I share with the world. I get attacked for every other thing I say and sometimes it's hard to be completely open as I was before. People evolve and I know that I, myself, am growing - it's hard for people to accept that, I too can change. Yes I'm materialistic, struggled with my weight, got carried away with my disorder, love to be betch, love fashion, and so on but those things don't only define me. I'm not perfect and I don't try to be. I live my life and somehow people decided to follow me on my journey on figuring myself out. I've been stuck in this bubble of being a bratty persona who doesn't do anything for a living and just shops all day. Yes I am partially that person, I'm not ashamed of it, but I am not just that, and I'm tired of not showing it. I wan't to learn the beauty of life and not constantly worry about the next pair of Dior shoes that comes out. Don't get me wrong, I will never stop loving handbags and shoes, but I realized they are just items. It doesn't make you happy when your whole world is turned upside down. I realized there is so much more to life than that scale or handbag. It's the times when you jump into the lake at night with the boy you like or long boarding with your best friends for hours staring at the city view. Overcoming my weight has set me free from it's chains. It gave me the freedom to enjoy life and meet new people. To be honest I never thought I could be this person again. I'm the old me - where I loved being adventurous, laughed, and loved the people around me. I'm scared to go down that dark road of selfishness and destruction again. Sometimes we are searching for a void that can never be filled with anything but love. I had put up huge, strong walls to prevent myself from getting hurt or letting people in, and I regret the years I wasted. I wasted  years of happiness and experiences and MOST IMPORTANTLY delicious dessert, with obsessing over how fat the back of my arm looks. People change and I know that I am growing. If I changed physically, why is it so impossible to change internally?


Thursday, August 15, 2013


I've been loving some weird combinations of clothes that stand out. What's the fun of wearing something the person next to you is wearing? I literally have an obsession with this jacket from ZARA - thinking I was going to get it for fall, I already got so much good use out of it. I get cold easily so I throw it on for a longboarding sesh at the beach or even dinner. It's versatile and uncommon.  It's just a really great statement piece to have for the colder months.
Finally launched my tanks and I'm so excited! It really is an awesome graphic tee to mix with pretty much any outfit (and i'ts soft!). If you have been living under a rock, graphic tee's are taking over. This whole outfit makes me feel a little hipster chic?

Jacket: ZARA Tank: What Would Societygrl DO? White Tank Shorts: Shoes: Steve Madden (similar HERE) Hair Tie: Society Tie Sunglasses: Gucci)
Photography - Brandon Baker

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013



What Would Societygrl Do? tank tops are for the bold, chic, & confident grl & boy who aren't afraid to stand out. Societygrl believes in modern, great quality clothing that is simple and effortless to easily transform any outfit into a head turner. The custom design, limited edition, graphic tank is versatile and so on trend this season. It’s easy to pair with your favorite pair of shorts or to the gym for a fashionable statement piece. Channel your inner-societygrl with the What Would Societygrl Do tank. 

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, What Would Societygrl Do?

Tank tops are now on sale at 

Available in black & white colors available for both men and women, while supplies last. The high quality, custom designed tank top is in unisex sizing from American Apparel and runs a little large (FYI).

Hope you love them as much as I do :)