Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SG Takes LA

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If someone had told me that I would be traveling to LA for work last year while I was sitting in my cube at the mortgage bank, I would have laughed. Along with my pre-law major and life’s plans, it’s crazy what my year has been and what has come out of my social media. I had no intention of getting where I am today and I am truly blessed. I started my twitter account with the ability to anonymously ramble about bratty things without my friends knowing. Fast forward 10 months later and I have had so many doors open for me, some that I could have only dreamed of. I was always passionate about fashion and writing but I never thought I would get the chance to be able to combine these two hobbies and create something.

I try as hard as I can not to blow up Instagram, but sometimes it’s so hard! I wanted to recap my trip to SoCal :)

My days were filled with work and play, well mostly play because my work feels like play.
I had the chance to meet with Allie Kingsley, the author of The Liar, The Bitch, and the Wardrobe in West Hollywood for a little lunch date at La Pain Quotidien! Loved her outfit.

Headed over to shoot at the Salsit store with the designers and the rest of the crew for the new fall collection – which is to die for! I NEED that leather skirt and white leather jacket. Was great to talk to the owners and designers as well as my fave PR girl! It’s great to meet someone in person, rather than just emailing.  Not to mention, my goodie bag is filled with pieces that are totally societygrl. Plan on seeing salsit in NYC during Fashion Week and I’m sure I will be working with them again.
I have a feeling I will be leather obsessed this fall/winter.

Had a quick run in with Monica Kitchen who is a Seattle designer who just moved to LA, got to check out her current collection in person, as well as peak the Spring 2014 line. I need her printed maxi next year.

If that wasn’t already a super booked day, I decided to stop by the Articles of Society store for a “second”. That quickly turned into an hour and a half meeting with a complete tour, trying on different types of denim, and meeting the crew, along with the owner, Rick. I found out he was the head of Hudsons Jeans for quite some time, and opened AOS a year ago. He definitely creates jeans with the customer in mind. They retail at Nordstrom, so you can find them anywhere! AOS is high quality denim at an affordable price. Even though I am stocked up on AOS jeans for the summer & fall, I know I will be getting more.

Lastly, on Monday I met with The Giving Keys team at their super cool, vintage building. Got to see the keys in action, up close and personal and how they are made. Loved the team and love their mission. Will be getting some cute rings for my girlfriends! If you loved the LOVE & GRACE one I was wearing – you can get a bracelet, necklace or ring with any word you want inscribed on it :)

The rest of my weekend was spent relaxing, catching up with my family, shopping and sight seeing. Everyone needs a relaxing weekend getaway but to be honest, I was SO homesick. It’s so lame, I want to move out of state but three days later I was calling my dad I wanted to go home. Such a daddy’s grl LOL.

SoCal is my favorite! I was already scouting out locations where I would like to live – I’m thinking North Hollywood or Beverly Hills ;)

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Gypsea Swim

Posting straight from Laguna Beach - I am so excited to be able to feature one of my newest obsessions - Gypsea Swimwear. I adore the different designs they use for their suits, guaranteeing that I'll have a swimsuit that no else has :)
The crew at Gypsea sent this over to me all the way from Australia and the top and bottom fit perfectly. Featuring the Spring Collection (that matches my wallpaper LOL), I'm wearing the Underwire Cup Top & Mid Cut Bikini Bottom. They also sent me the Frill Bandeau Top which is perfect for tanning.

Seriously, go check them out they have the cutest swimwear! I peaked the September collection look book and I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Be on the look out for some more Gypsea Swimwear posts :)


Saturday, July 27, 2013


This post is coming straight from Dana Point Starbucks because I couldn’t wait any longer to post these pictures!! Actually, I asked some really hot (blonde) surfer boy to borrow his board so that was a great conversation starter LOL.

Got this fab & sporty swimsuit from Sensi Bikinis! Everyone knows I adore high-waisted anything so of course I wanted this one :) Finally got the chance to shoot on the Cali coast! Wearing the Alex bottoms & Erin top!
This suit is so comfy and I’m going to be wearing it during the volleyball game later today :) Fits great & I love that it’s unique with the side detailing.  The top is awesome because I know that I won’t flash anyone on accident while playing. ALSO, makes my butt look really nice.. just saying. 

Grab your own swimsuit WWW.SENSIBIKINIS.COM
Have a great Saturday everyone, I’m off to get a tan!

From Cali with love, 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Sometimes, I am so lazy I just throw whatever I find and somehow pull it off (or don't). Honestly, I try to get dressed with the least amount of effort (unless it's important), I DON'T NEED THE EXTRA TOXIC STRESS. Plus, my bee sting made me have a kankle (hence the boots LOL) so today was one of those days.. Seriously, I am never taking my small feet for granted again!! 

This outfit is hipster inspired, but whenever I dress like a "hipster" people tell me I look like Barbie, so I gave up on that. I recently became a fan of 20th century photography & street art, so I LOVED this t-shirt my aunt brought back from London. Girl with a Balloon is one of Banksy's most famous graffiti art pieces.I did a little research on the street art - it's located in the South Bank of London.

Originally, the picture could be interpreted as the little girl losing her love (innocence, dreams, aspirations, etc) and chasing after it, but next to the original picture, on the right, there are words "There Is Always Hope" (which are left out of the t-shirt), but I thought that was inspiring..
Even though things may seem unbearable at a certain point, there truly is always hope. You should always chase your dreams, even if they seem distant, because what if one day you catch the balloon? Hope is what gets us up in the morning :)

Paired it with a random button up I found in the back of my moms closet, some boots to hide my huge bitten foot, and high-waisted shorts because duh = super casual.

Also, I get so annoyed of cutting off my head in pictures all the time, but then again - I AM SO THANKFUL for being anonymous. 


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Staple

Brandon Baker Photography: - Twitter I Instagram
(Shoes - Steve Madden I Purse - D'andrea Handbags (Mr. Precarious) I Romper - Yumi Kim Liz Romper I Bracelet - David Yurman 
Necklace - Tiffany and Co.)

Decided to take advantage of a beautiful Seattle day and do a shoot of the city for everyone to see how gorgeous it is during the summer time! I swear if it was always this sunny and warm I wouldn't want to leave. 

I am so happy I get to blog about this romper I got from Yumi Kim. It is one of my favorite summer pieces and it's perfect for the beach, a dinner date, and can be so versatile. Definitely a great statement piece to have in your closet!! The abstract floral print and fits like a glove - everything I love combined into one. 

The fabric is very breathable and perfect for a sunny day. Easy to style and I have gotten quite a few compliments on it :) I didn't even bothering doing my hair because the romper did all the work. Paired with my fave boyfriend - Mr. Precarious from D'andrea Handbags.

Get your own romper (and other gorgeous pieces) at 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


(Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell I Shorts - love Fire)
Photography or Instagram/Twitter - @yungbeej
Lately I have been taking chances with my wardrobe from the safe feminine clothes I usually wear.

The boys, Beau and Jonathan, at Reason Clothing hooked it up with some awesome tee's! I've been wanting some printed t-shirts for a while now since everyone has been wearing them. Thought they add a different vibe to an outfit and I totally fit in when I go to Seattle now!"Sometimes I just feel like being hood" LOL

Love the shirts! Can throw them on when I'm going out or when I'm at home lounging around. Super comfy. They are based in NY and I can't wait to meet them when I go there during Fashion Week :)
Grab your own gear at 
@Reasonclothing on Twitter I Instagram I Facebook ITumblr 


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Havmøller Design: THE SG DRESS

Shoes - Zara I Wallet - Prada (similar) Earrings - Express

 Matthew Pew Photography 

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
Today’s post is one of my favorites because I am featuring the SocietyGrl dress from Havmøller Design!Zenia Johnsen, owner of Havmøller Design, had reached out to me long before I even had a fashion blog and had made me a custom dress!No lie, this is so ME. I loooove long sleeves, and the dress isn’t too short that my ass is hanging out. A classy LBD :) It’s the perfect 'city girl out on the town' dress. I am big fan of LBD’s and this dress has a sassy touch to it with a custom open back. I think some tights and booties will look perfect with it during the winter as well. Check out her designs @havmollerdesign on Instagram or

Happy No Bra Day! #NoBraRevolution


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beach Essential

We all know of my obsession with high-waisted anything SO you must realize how thrilled I was to be surprised by this custom print, high-waisted STONE FOX SWIM swimsuit!! The high-waisted suit is making a major come-back. If you don’t have one for this summer, you need to get one.


Chelsea Bell, designer & owner of STONE FOX SWIM was a sweetheart and surprised me with this! Her inspirations come from SoCal – hello! Future Cali grl here! & her suits are for a confident, bold, & brave girl and let’s be honest putting my almost naked body on internet for the world to see is all of those.

If I could walk around in it all day I would. It is comfortable, girly, and I could easily be the life of the party with it on. I instantly fell in love with the pattern and the fringe is so sassy! Always wanted a fringe top. After checking out her promo video on her website I was like “yeah I need one of those”

But for those of you who are worried about the high-waisted covering too much – don’t worry, its business in the front and party in the back with this CHEEKY bottom. 

Check out her website for more fun & flirty must have swimsuits at

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