Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tie with Societygrl - The Summer Collection

After many requests, I decided to release Society Ties by Little J The Summer Collection - comes in Neon Pink & Neon Green to compliment any summer outfit! Rock them with a cute maxi, swimsuit, or at the gym. Where will you take your Society Ties this summer?

Order your Society Tie's at 

While supplies last - get yours before they sell out! (again) (SOLD OUT IN 6 HOURS) 
Again, I'm sorry :( but USA & Canada shipping only. 

Society Ties by Little J is an accessory that every societygrl needs. It doubles as a unique bracelet to make a fashion statement, or a tie that won’t damage your precious locks when you want to put a subtle touch of flair to your hair.

Society Ties uses an elastic trim that slides along your hair without damage and the soft material holds your hair firmly without stretching out. Whether you want to wear your long hair down or bring a touch of chic color to any outfit, wear it on your wrist showing you know what it means to be a societygrl.

 ♦ Black maxi dress: Felicity and Coco  ♦Stripped maxi dress: Michael Kors  ♦White Coverup: JNBY  ♦ Wedges: Jessica Simpson  ♦Sun hat: Chinese Laundry  ♦ Handbag: D'andrea Handbags - Mr. Precarious 


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summertime Fine

I love summer for two reasons – tanning oil & swimsuits  (and blasting drake with the windows down but whatev.) During the summer you know you gotta stay fitted with some sexy swimsuits that 20,000 other girls won’t be wearing.

I was fortunate enough to be gifted this Honey Rider Top & Bottom Hermes from Nina Swim – literally have never seen anything similar in my life & it fits like a glove!!!! Her signature leather strap and gold accents are my favorite because they're versatile – I can easily wear it to the beach with the girls or dress it up with some heels and jewelry on the boat. 

I like to stand out wherever I go and this swimsuit will definitely be an eye catcher, especially with the print (again we all know prints are HUGE this year). Most importantly I feel comfortable in it because it covers just the right amount of everything. Not to mention it's so soft and her "Argentinian cut" makes my butt look like I’ve been doing squats all winter  -- (I haven’t).

You can grab your own designer bikini at
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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Thought I would do a quick post about Society Ties! I had so many pictures, tweets, and instagram tags so I wanted to show off the ones I caught :)

Check them out at even though they are sold out :'(

If you bought Society Ties last month see if you can find yourself!!

I'm so happy that you guys all loved them - they are like my baby and I can't believe they sold out in less than 5 days!!!
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(you guys have no idea how long this collage took) 
SG or little J?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mr. Precarious

Photography by Roman Rivera 

Meet my new boyfriend Mr. Precarious. I have him right where I want him, directly in the palm of my hand. Be jealous, I am the first to receive this tan boy from the Spring 2014 Mister Collection directly from the designer, Nicole, of D’andrea Handbags!Should I be offended that she knows I like to date unstable men? LOL D’andrea Handbags mixes my obsession with handbags & my dangerous dating habits. So now I can official say – “I’m livin life on the edge with Mr. Precarious"

The D’Andrea Handbags Mister Collection is named hilariously after ex-boyfriends which I find SO appropriate. Swap out Mr. Arrogant for Mr. One Nighter in a matter of seconds with no extra emotional baggage. Who needs real men when you got handbags right? They’ll last longer anyway.

It was love at first sight - Big enough to fit all my daily necessities to take him out for a casual stroll in Seattle, or I can also easily grab him to dinner with a LBD. I’ve actually needed a tan, leather bag for some time now and this handmade, Italian leather hottie was a pleasant surprise :)

 Jewelry – Made by one of followers – Marrisa Nicole! Check out her store on Etsy, and follow her on Instagram : ) THANKS <3 (no idea where that necklace is from)
 Top - Frenchi - similar here
 Jeans – Got these IRO jeans from my girls from, bought them at the warehouse the other day! Fell in love with the print. Similar here
 Shoes – Stewart Weitzman (my fave summer shoes, so comfy!! I try to wear them whenever possible - no shame) find similar here 
P.S. Wearing OPI - My Private Jet nail polish. 

Mr. Precarious: The leather, the carefully quilted front, and the strap & length (I’m tall & need a good length, which is hard to find sometimes) definitely deserve an A+.

Pick out your next boyfriend at d'
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Thank you Nicole! I’m sure we will work together again :) I won't be able to resist, you have just the type of men I’m into.


Monday, June 24, 2013


(◊Shirt - Forever 21 - get similar one here  Shorts - Marc by Marc Jacobs - similar here Shoes - Jessica Simpson - similar here ◊ Purse - Gucci Sukey Tote)

I posted this outfit on Instagram(@societygrl) & thought I’d do a detailed post of menswear for women because it has got to be one of my favorite go to’s. When I’m running late throwing on a blazer with a blouse is a quick & stylish outfit. There is something about wearing “work attire” that just makes me feel like I have my life together.

Even on the 2014 Resort wear runway, menswear for women is still major. Alberta Ferretti, Christopher Kane, Lanvin, and Akris are only a few of the designers who have put a modern twist to this trend. “Just because it’s for men doesn’t mean it has to look masculine.”Borrowing this idea from the boys is surprisingly feminine and sometimes I like to keep it simple - like with this outfit - other times I add a pop of color or fun jewelry. 

HOW TO: Menswear for Women

“Just because it’s for men doesn’t mean it has to look masculine” – a button-down or a blazer can be paired with a cute skirt or shorts.

You don’t have to be conservative in a suit -add a low cut top, small clutch, and some open-toe pumps to sexy it up.

 If you like your look to be streamlined and sophisticated, add round toe pumps and a pretty blouse that will make you excited to go to work. 

Throw on a blazer and a chiffon, buttoned-down blouse with some cute flats for a relaxed everyday look. This works for a quick meeting and you'll look presentable in a short amount of time.

Take a risk with bright colors or with a cool pattern instead of a boring black suit - because we all know those are in!

1. Printed Cropped Blazer - Zara  2. Beige and Patterned Silk Blouse - SSense 3. League Stripe Blouse - Michael Kors 4. Linen Blazer - Zara 5. Delmara Pump - Nastygal 6. Printed Trousers - Zara 7. Essential Ruffled Pencil Skirt - Forever 21 8. BLUEPRINT Trousers - Three Floor 9. Loeffler Randall Erika Pointed Flats -